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The 5 Best Door Locks Brands

We are used to taking care of our safety. When it comes to our home security, we start sorting through the latest means of protection. Indeed, the home security device market is getting bigger over time. Therefore, conversations about installing video surveillance cameras, door cameras, or entire security systems have become trite for us. However, we often overlook the simplest and probably the first aspect to think about – i.e., door locks. Yes, this is the easiest way to secure your home, but choosing the right lock is worth paying attention to. After all, you should pick a door lock that is extremely easy for the house residents to use, while it will be a key reason for thieves not even to try to break into your home. With this wide range of choices we have today, it might be difficult to choose which lock is perfect for you. However, manufacturers cannot always assure you of the quality of the device itself. No one will claim their product is bad or not good enough. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared a list of the top 5 door lock brands that will be a reliable means of protecting your home. The list is based on our own experience and our clients’ impressions.

What Is the Strongest Lock for a Door

Door locks play an important role in keeping your home safe. However, sometimes it isn't easy to choose the right lock. After all, we install locks for external doors to ensure a high level of security, while locks on interior doors are installed mostly for privacy. However, the main characteristic that unites these two types is the necessary strength of the lock. So what types of door locks are considered the strongest? Let's take a look below.
  • Deadbolt door locks. That is one of the most secure locks used for residential doors. Their main characteristic is the absence of springs inside the mechanism. They are also divided into one-cylinder or two-cylinder, which depends on the specifics of using these locks. While the double-cylinder deadbolt lock can be unlocked with a key from either side, the single-cylinder deadbolt lock can only be opened with a key from the outside, while on the inside, there is a twist button for unlocking.
  • Keyless door locks. Another top lock for a door was produced to keep the security of your home at the highest level and to make usage more simple and more comfortable. The name speaks for itself – there’s no keyhole, i.e., no key, in the traditional meaning, is needed. You will need to enter the code or use the special card or keyfob to open the door.
  • Mortise door locks. Door locks of this type are used on the doors of residential buildings. The mortise lock mechanism consists of a flat rectangular box with key slots and two outer panels with door handles. The latch on this lock can open the door from both sides; however, if the outer handle is blocked, the latch will not work.
mortise locks
It is also worth mentioning that the security of your door depends not only on how strong your lock is. After all, any reliable door lock can be broken if, for example, the material of your door is weak. Therefore, we also recommend that you pay attention to the strength of the door base. Thus, by installing a sheathing made of durable material and strengthening the frame, your door will become a level safer and stronger. If you need some tips on how to choose locks for a double door, you may find them on our blog.
mortise locks

Is Kwikset or Schlage Better

The Kwikset brand is one of the most common door lock manufacturers in the United States of America. Therefore, even if you have not heard the name of this brand before, we are sure that you have at least once used products from Kwikset. Maybe not on your door, but your relatives or friends probably have one. The brand products are noted for their low price and good quality. That’s why Kwikset locks can be found in so many homes all over the US.
Another well-known manufacturer of door locks in the USA is Schlage. You can find locks of this brand in almost any store with home goods because they, like Kwikset, are very popular among users. However, unlike the previous brand, Schlage is distinguished by the higher price and quality of its products.
Experts agree that choosing a winner between these two brands is hard. However, they note that Schlage still has better characteristics and is more reliable. That can be explained by the fact that the company uses materials of higher quality and manufactures locks with more complex protection mechanisms. That is why Schlage door locks are much harder to break than a similar lock from Kwikset.
Schlage lock
One aspect that makes Kwikset locks more attractive than Schlage is the price. For example, the price for a deadbolt of these brands might vary significantly. However, it is worth remembering that it is better not to skimp on safety.
Schlage lock

Which Is the Best Lock

According to Wirecutter, which researched to determine the best door lock, Schlage's B60N deadbolt was the winner based on testing and expert evaluations. This lock has the highest level of burglary resistance certification. It is also quite affordable and easy to install. Therefore, the Schlage B60N single-cylinder deadbolt is most often recommended for installation on the house's front door. However, we do not say that there are no other reliable locks. There are many door lock companies that present good products worth using. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best lock brands for you.
  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Yale
  • Baldwin


Kwikset is among the best and most widely used lock brands in the United States. Sometimes people don't even realize they've been using these locks for years. Standard Kwikset combines high-quality and affordable prices. The company is constantly working to improve its products. It is the only lock manufacturer offering SmartKey Security technology, which protects locks from picking and burglary. Unfortunately, due to the increasing influence of cheap imported locks, the company has started to produce some parts of poorer quality to keep up with the others. It can certainly affect the durability of the lock. However, they still remain one of the best affordable options on the market.
kwikset electronic lock
kwikset electronic lock


“The best door locks brand” is what most people call Yale. Yale is an international brand many citizens consider to be really reliable. Their locks are well-designed and have a strong construction. The company works not only on quality but also on design. They produce stylish locks in attractive colors that other brands don't have. The reputation of this brand is impeccable. Their products have become popular even in the UK. The main slogan of the brand is that you can only feel free when you feel safe. Yale has even become a colloquial term for locks and keys. If you choose to install this lock for your house, you might need professional residential locksmith services.


Schlage is a prestigious brand that offers a wide range of high-quality locks. If we compare the price segment, the locks of this brand are more expensive than the Kwikset mentioned above. However, they have a stronger metal construction and are harder to break. It's safe to say that the trust in the brand is high, considering the number of people who use them.


Baldwin is a company that produces door locks of the highest quality. Many people trust this brand because their products are durable and well-designed. If you pick it, you can immediately feel that the lock is of the highest quality because it is much heavier. The weight of a lock depends on the amount of metal it is made of. The amount of metal affects the strength of the lock.


This company is hard to confuse with others because its keys have a unique shape. The highlight of this brand is that they have additional security features for their key. Unlike other keys, it has side recesses and magnets that help prevent criminals from duplicating them. It makes their locks reliable, and the brand has a good reputation among customers.

What Is the Most Common Lock Brand

Despite some inferior specifications compared to Schlage, Kwikset is still one of the most popular brands that create the best locks for doors. This company was founded in 1946 by two entrepreneurs, Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart. The invention of their "Kwikset" tubular lock caused a real revolution in the design of door locks. Another successful invention of the company is the SmartKey technology, which has an anti-picking and anti-bumping function, which allows homeowners to protect their homes from burglary. Also, this technology allows owners to rekey the lock without calling a locksmith. In addition, Kwikset products are significantly more affordable. So these and other aspects make Kwikset door locks the most popular among users.

Summing up

So, a door lock is one of the first, but still the best, ways to protect your home. Therefore, it is worth spending a lot and considering all the details when buying one so that your choice will be a great investment in your house security. However, the right lock is only half of the deal. To make it beneficial, you need professional residential locksmith services.

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