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Which type of door lock is best for the front door?

Your front door is essentially the gateway to your home. Not only is your front door designed to provide security, but it is also an essential component of your home’s appearance. Your front door reflects your taste and your personality in a way. The most important thing is that your front door needs to be sturdy enough to keep potential intruders out and durable enough to withstand the bright sun, heavy rain, and all the other challenges the environment can bring. One of the most important parts of the door is the lock. No matter how strong your door may be, if your lock does not provide you with security, then the front door isn't reliable. So, what is the best front door security lock? There are several factors to consider when choosing a lock, and you can learn about them in our article. If you are interested, then read on!

Why should a front door have 2 locks?

It is beneficial to have two locks on the door, separating the house or apartment from the outside world. Sometimes locks break, it’s actually quite common. If one lock starts to malfunction, you can stop using it and use the other one until you get the first one fixed. For that purpose, you can choose to use residential locksmith services. Also, a double lock definitely benefits your security as it provides an extra layer of protection. The presence of a deadbolt, in addition to the usual latch with a key, provides:
  • Additional burglary resistance. It’s definitely harder and more time-consuming to open not one but two locks.
  • Resistance to lock picking (by credit card or any other way) because the deadbolt has a much greater reach and does not have a sloping edge like the latch.
  • Resistance to sawing, since most deadbolts have a freely rotating spindle in the center, which means they are resistant to sawing.
residential door lock
residential door lock

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What lock should you use on a front door?

There are several different types of locks that are used for entrance doors. They range from simple door handle locks to keyless and electronic locks. Let’s take a look at the different types of entry door locks that are available on the market today.
  • Smart door locks are the newest type of door locks. Their big advantage is that you don’t need a key to open them. So, you don’t have to worry about losing one. There are many ways to operate a smart lock – you may open the door by entering a digital code using your key fob or smartphone. Another advantage these door locks offer is the remote control option.
  • Electronic door locks. If you don’t have trust in smart locks, but you still want to have a keyless entry, you might consider an electronic door lock. These locks have a digital keypad, so to open them, you’ll need to enter an accurate combination. With this type of lock, you don’t have to worry about carrying a bundle of keys everywhere. Also, there’s no need to make some spare keys for your family, friends, or neighbors. You can simply provide them with access to your digital locks.
  • Deadbolt. This lock type is considered to be the most secure one. These locks are sturdy and really hard to break. They can be single-cylinder or double-cylinder. The second type provides the highest level of security.
  • Handle lock for the front door. A popular solution for exterior doors is a front door key lock with handles. It’s a traditional lock that has been used for years, and it is easy to install yourself. It’s an inexpensive choice.
  • Lever locks for entry doors. Lever door locks are another great option. They’re much easier to use than door knobs. The price will be a bit higher, but it’s definitely worth the extra investment.

What is the most secure lock for a front door?

Choosing a good lock for your front door is essential for security because it is the best way to protect your home from intruders. Although burglaries have decreased in recent years, thanks partly to advances in home security, it is still important to secure your home in every way possible.
Strong and secure locks are a major deterrent to potential intruders, as doors are a common entry point for criminals to break into a home.
While video surveillance and alarm systems are an excellent way to deter potential burglars, a quality door lock is the best way to prevent intruders from entering your home. Regardless of the other security measures, you might have in place in your home, there is no substitute for a proper locking system.
Deadbolt door locks are the most secure type of key lock and are commonly used on exterior house doors. Single and double cylinder locks are classified by strength from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Grade 1 is the highest and provides the best security.
front door repairing process
front door repairing process

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Summing up

Selecting the lock for the front door is not an easy task because you need to take into account many factors that affect the reliability of your door. We hope that with the help of the information we have provided, you will make the right decision. Sure Lock & Key has 35 years of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry. We offer all kinds of locksmith services, and we provide them 24 hours a day, throughout the year. We care about your safety and are ready to help you with selecting the lock and its installation.

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