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Mortise Locks: How They Work and What Benefits Can They Offer

Today, there are many different locking mechanisms out on the market. It might be a bit hard and confusing to choose the best one. There are all kinds of mechanical locks, like deadbolts, mortise locks, knob locks, padlocks, etc. Also, there are many different options for keyless locking systems. The ones with a code or systems operated by fobs, cards, or even smartphones. Which one to choose depends on many factors – the type of door, whether it's for commercial or residential purposes, etc.

Let's discuss one of the most commonly used mechanical locks – the mortise lock. How do they work? What kind of purposes do they serve? Are mortise locks secure? Sure Lock & Key is ready to answer all these questions and provide you with additional information on mortise locks.

What is a mortise lock

Mostly, mortise locks are used for the outside doors as they're the ones with a higher level of security. An entry door mortise lock set is quite bulky. It requires a big hole to be cut inside the door in order to fit in. There are two main types of mortise locks – deadlocks and sash locks. The first one is a typical lock with a keyhole on one side and a locking bolt on the other. The second option is equipped with a handle or a door knob. If you're thinking about installing any of these locks, you may use professional residential locksmith services.
Now the question is – how does a mortise lock work? It is composed of a lock cylinder, latch, latch bolt, handle, strike plate and spindle. In order to activate all the mechanisms, you'll need to insert the key and turn it in the cylinder. It will unlock the latch and you can press the handle or turn the knob to open the door fully.
Just like with any other mechanical lock, it's important to maintain your mortise lock well. In most cases, locks start to malfunction because of dirt and rust. It might be a good idea to conduct regular check-ups and clean your lock from time to time.
mortise lock structure
mortise lock structure

What is the benefit of a mortise lock

So, we've already figured out what a mortise lock is. Now it's time to look at the benefits it offers.
First of all, these locks are durable. They don't get worn out quickly.
  • Mortise locks are extremely reliable and they provide your door with a high level of security. Because of the way they are constructed, it's much harder to break them using force. That's why many people use the entrance mortise lockset for their front door.
  • This type of lock is extremely hard to pick. It works by a double locking system.
  • Mortise locks are considered to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of locks. If you own a house with a more classical and antique vibe, these locks are perfect for you. For example, many people choose a mortise lock door knob to get this feeling.
  • They come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your door type the best.
another type of mortise lock
The only drawbacks these locks have are the price and the complicated installation process. However, with the assistance of a professional locksmith, this process will become much easier.
another type of mortise lock

Why are mortise locks more secure

Compared to many other types of locks, mortise locks are one of the most secure options. First of all, these locks are almost impossible to pick because of how they are constructed. They have a dual cylinder. These locks are mainly made out of solid metals, so they are really strong and reliable. Because of that, it's extremely hard to break the lock by using force. It's a big security advantage because most criminals wouldn't want to waste a lot of time trying to open it.
Mortise locks last longer than many other locks, so they won't get worn out fast. Many break-ins actually happen because the locks are worn out and are not functioning properly. That's why lock maintenance is so important. Checking the condition of your lock and cleaning it from dirt and rust regularly is an intelligent decision.
However, there's one problem that is almost impossible to avoid, no matter what type of lock you use – a key loss. It's probably something that all of us dealt with at some point in our lives. To decrease the risk, you may follow our little guide on carrying keys. However, if unfortunately, you lose your key or it gets stolen, there are some measures you might take. You may need to ask for the assistance of a professional locksmith to rekey or replace your lock and provide you with a new key.
mortise lock with key
mortise lock with key

Summing up

So, deciding on the best lock for your door might be a bit overwhelming. Today, we have so many options to choose from. One of the most widely used locks for external doors is a mortise lock. It's extremely secure and almost impossible to break. Also, it complements your house's appearance. However, the installation process of a mortise lock might be a bit complicated. So, the best way to deal with it is to ask for the assistance of a skilled locksmith. Sure Lock & Key will gladly perform this task for you. Just give us a call!

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