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How to change a door lock cylinder

A cylinder is the core of the lock and the place where you insert the key. It is also the part that carries out the most important function that your lock was created for – protecting you, your loved ones and your assets. The cylinder has several pins that shift into place when you put a specific key inside. When people have their locks rekeyed, it actually means that they reset their cylinder.

Lock cylinder replacement is one of the most popular services we provide. However, still many people don’t know they have this option and go for a whole lock replacement. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to help you. We are therefore now going to provide you with insights on how to change a door lock cylinder. If you prefer to do everything without help from the outside, you may use our suggestions. Let’s dive in!

Make it carefully

The whole lock is a complicated and sensitive mechanism which means you shouldn’t use too much power. For example, when you remove the screws under the latch and pull on the key, do it nice and easy. Try not to do any damage to the screw because you will need it later. After that, you will need to rotate the key inside the cylinder. This move will help you hold the key in position in order to remove the cylinder.
lock details
lock details

Mortise locks. The simplest for a replacement

These locks are designed for commercial use, making hardware hardier. Having a mortise lock, you can perform a commercial door lock cylinder replacement without removing the whole construction from the door. It may be easy to identify a mortise lock by the bolt or the latch position. If it is secured into the door with a long rectangular strip of metal, it means that you have a mortise lock. However, if you don’t feel too confident to DIY, you should consider looking for professional assistance. Locksmiths have the required skills and knowledge to quickly replace a cylinder door lock and make your life safer.

How to deal with bored deadbolts

This task may appear when we want to change a door lock cylinder. A bored deadbolt is a lockset that was installed by boring two circular holes in the door. One usually finds this type of mechanism on residential properties. Despite worrying about size and fit, it’s not a catastrophe. Taking the lock off the door makes the cylinder slide from the housing freely. The problem is that it may be hard to find bored deadbolts separately from the whole lock assembly. However, a licensed locksmith has access to different kinds of lock hardware that typically can’t be purchased in common stores.

Need more information?

Cylinders lock replacement in cars

It’s more complicated to change a car key cylinder lock than a residential one. The main problem is that you need to find a cylinder for a specific car model. Moreover, in some cases, cylinder lock replacement comes after the ignition cylinder replacement to update the lock. Again, the problem is finding the necessary parts. A wise solution may be to call an automotive locksmith. With professional help, you won’t have to worry about how to replace a cylinder door lock in a vehicle.
lock with keys
lock with keys

Summing up

Having all the information about the problem one is presently facing allows people to choose the method that suits their needs. Lock cylinder replacement looks complicated because it is. However, you can still try to do it yourself. Sometimes you just have the right touch and the butter melts right on the toast. But be prepared for circumstances that can occur that do not work for you and suddenly you need to find a solution. Locksmiths are the ones who can help you in these difficult situations. Professionals from Sure Lock & Key are available to assist you day by day, year after year. Call us and get your lock cylinder replaced, whether it’s an emergency issue or a service you’ve been planning for a long time. We are here to help. Afterall, it’s our job.

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