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Guide To Carrying Keys

Most people can carry, let's say, around ten keys, and that's a huge number. The truth is nobody really wants to be burdened with such a bulky item. If you’ve ever had to carry such a thing, you know what we mean. It safely lays somewhere in the depth of our bag, waiting to cause inconvenience when we need to unlock a door quickly. However, imagine how many keys, business owners, people who work in big companies, etc, have to carry. Now imagine the stress they must be under. Just the weight or the possibility of losing or misplacing one or all of the keys. This equals major stress.

Helping people in this scenario is something we do all the time. It’s one of the services we perform often, believe it or not. In fact, we would estimate that at least 7 out of 10 calls we receive for our key cutting service could have been avoided if our client had created a strategy for storing their keys. Sure Lock & Key is a locksmith company, coast to coast, with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We have prepared this guide so that you can put our knowledge into action and organize your keys effectively and efficiently. If you have the time to read on you will, in a very short time, learn to save major frustration, wasted time and money. Let’s start!

How To Keep In Order A Small Number Of Keys

Carrying around a bunch of keys can be pretty annoying. Our house keys, office keys, car keys are the most common keys we carry on us. Besides that, we can have a bike lock key, a mailbox key, spare keys in case of an accident and, of course, a nice keychain. For those who prefer to use big bags or backpacks, it will be less inconvenient than for those who like to put everything in their pockets.
However, you will still experience the inconvenience of having to find your key in between the rest of the keys. After all, this key set also causes lots of noise, etc. So, іs there something you can do if all the keys are important? Well, the thing is that some of them may be more important than others. You may seriously ease your life by reducing the number of keys you're carrying on you everywhere you go.
Let's check your key set. Do you use all of the keys regularly? Maybe you're still keeping a key from an old apartment or the previous job because you keep forgetting to get rid of it.
many keys in a hand
Helpful idea one. If you have keys on you that you use less than once a week, put them aside. Helpful idea two. Make a separate key ring for those you use only from time to time and keep them in a drawer. You may also purchase a key organizer. It's a device that will make your keys take as little place as possible.
many keys in a hand

How To Keep In Order A Huge Number Of Keys

This is a problem business owners face very often. There are a few solutions. You may get yourself a Master key system. It will seriously decrease the number of keys you and your employees have to deal with. Another possible solution are smart locks. Using this method will rid you of your huge key sets. This solution will also give you information regarding who and when someone enters any of your doors. However, if you're not ready or can't give up on your keys, we prepared some scenarios you can use.
You may get yourself a key cabinet or a safe. A key safe may be a better idea simply because only the people with a key or code will have access to it. Now you need to create the system and sort the keys by their purpose. You may mark them with different colors to make them easier to identify.

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Key services have to be 24/7 simply because key-related issues might happen anytime. However, keeping your key in order means you will rarely need a locksmith’s assistance. We hope you will find our recommendations useful. They are based on our own experience and the experience of our customers. You may adapt them for your specific needs, improve them or even create something new. You’re always the one who decides what is best for your needs. We also want you to know that in case of some key trouble, we’re always ready and happy to help!
car`s key details
car`s key details

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