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Locks Types

Since the original idea of private space flashed upon somebody’s mind, thousands of manufacturers and craftsmen have attempted to give the world the perfect lock. Years of continuous development, improvement and new inventions have brought us different types of door locks all the way to the present day. In this blog post, you will find information about the most popular lock types, their specifications and valuable tips on using and maintaining them. Sure Lock & Key will gladly be your locksmith encyclopedia. A place where you can get all the information you need!

How Many Locks Types Do We Have

The first known lock was made approximately 4000 years ago in ancient Assyria. If this is correct then we can assume this date as a starting point. Through the years there have probably been hundreds or even thousands of lock types throughout history. Some of those locks proved to be rather useless and some of them were replaced by more technologically advanced ones as the years went by. However, at some point, they were cutting-edge technology and provided people's homes with the highest possible level of security for those times. They were also the source of all of today's modern locks.
Let’s quickly explore the most popular door lock types. We have excluded the ancient lock types because they are no longer in use.


Padlocks are one of the most frequently used types of locks. Its popularity depends on its portability. When you don't need to lock one facility or some item anymore, you can use your padlock for securing something else. The technology is quite simple, which is another reason why padlocks are so widely used. A padlock consists of two main elements - the shackle and solid padlock body. The last one can be of two types. A key-based padlock is a classic lock and spares you from remembering a combination. A combination padlock is more modern and spares you from carrying around a key. Generally speaking, both of them work similarly and are secure, but still, more people prefer time-tested key-based padlocks.
smart lock opened by smartphone
smart lock opened by smartphone

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Deadbolt Locks

Traditionally people prefer deadbolt locks for their front doors since they are more secure than regular spring locks. Its main feature is a bolt mechanism that can be activated only by a key so that the door can't be broken into with a credit card or a knife blade. However, a little word of caution so that you can get all the benefits that this lock can provide. You should only install it on solid wood, fiberglass, or steel doors that are in good condition. There's no point in installing this lock on an "untrustworthy" door. It may still work but your security will become diminished. Also, with maintaining the correct locks maintenance, you can guarantee a deadbolt lock to perform its task for years to come.

Cam Lock

Maybe you have never heard about this type of lock, but you have probably seen them many times. Cam locks are widely used on file cabinets, gym lockers, etc. The mechanism is quite simple. Once you turn the key, the cam (the metallic element of rectangular shape) rotates to 90 or 180 degrees and prevents the door from opening.

Digital Locks

These locks are commonly used for hotel rooms. However, not surprisingly, they have recently started to win the hearts of average homeowners. Easy to use and easy to rekey, they became an excellent alternative to classic locks. Also, since there's no keyhole and no physical key, they can't be picked. You open this lock using a swipe card or a pin code.
key card for Digital Lock
key card for Digital Lock

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the latest lock technology. They combine everything the best classic locks have and the newest technologies. If you have one, you can open the door by pushing a button on your smartphone. Typically, we lock our door, go away, and have no idea what is happening. A smart lock's essential function is the ability to check whether you locked the door upon leaving. However it can inform you of many different things. They are pretty amazing. Some of them are even equipped with cameras so you can see what is going on, live.

Summing Up

The exciting fact about locks is that they have some sort of cultural belonging. Europe has its list of most favorite locks, and we have our own. The locks listed above are the most common locks in the US. Of course, there are dozens and dozens of other locks people use and sometimes you can find locks of different types in one building. What is really important is to find a locksmith who specializes in all types of locks so you can take advantage of all the potential options. Sure Lock & Key pays a lot of attention to constantly upgrade our locksmiths skills through continual training, this way each team member can advise you and then perform whatever is needed regarding any type of lock, cutting edge and traditional.

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