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Tips On How To Maintain Your Locks

Our homes are equipped with lots of locks we use every day. Naturally, all of them are exposed to wear and tear. So, what can we do to postpone it? How can we make them work correctly for years to come?

In this article, Sure Lock & Key will share some efficient tips and tricks to save money and time on lock replacement.

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Use It Gently

While urgent use might seem obvious, you might wonder how often our locksmiths deal with the consequences of inappropriate use.
Sure, locks are designed to serve as long as possible, but no manufacturer can predict how you would treat them. So, it's always wiser to use it carefully even if you're in a hurry, angry, etc.
After all, locks are a significant investment in your security. Using them with care can extend their lifespan, saving you money and time on further replacements.

Regular Lock Cleaning

Regular cleaning is vital to ensure your locks' longevity and proper functionality. While it may not be the most pleasant task, incorporating lock cleaning into your daily routine can make a significant difference. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be done frequently.
How to clean door locks? Most experts recommend a straightforward approach, including a damp rag. It's a simple and gentle method typically sufficient for removing dust, grime, and minor buildup that can accumulate over time.
The only crucial point to consider is the avoidance of aggressive chemical cleaners. While this approach might seem like a quick fix for dirt, it actually harms the lock's exterior, affecting its appearance and functionality.
Therefore, it's wiser to stick to the manufacturer-recommended cleaning methods.
man uses special oil for door lock
man uses special oil for door lock

Don’t forget about lubrication

Now, when your lock is clean on the outside, you should know that proper lubrication is sometimes the only thing needed to make your lock last longer. That's why we recommend not neglecting this step. Since there are no special secrets about lubrication, you will easily handle this. Moreover, we will explain every detail you need to know to make this process even easier and shorter.
So, obviously, you need to choose a lubricant first. We recommend using a dry one as it won't accumulate the dirt inside the lock. Additionally, it's advisable to prioritize silicone lubrication due to its long-lasting lubrication properties and resistance to extreme temperatures.
Now, when you have the right lubricant, you need to spray a small amount of it into the keyway. Then, put the key inside and gently move it in and out of the lock. Please don't forget to remove any debris from the key before putting it back. Also, lubrication may solve the problem of sticky locks.

Check If The Door Is Installed Correctly

If the door was installed improperly, the chances your lock will fail shortly are quite high.
No lock is designed to work in unsuitable conditions. Even without appropriate knowledge and skills, you can check whether your door is even with the frame. Just be attentive. Try to open and close it slowly. Can you spot that somewhere in the middle of the path it becomes harder to move the door? If not, but you're still sure that something is wrong with your lock, it's better to call for professional help. It won't take much time, and it won't cost you a fortune.
To ensure that there's no need to be afraid to call a locksmith because of prices, you may check one of our previous blog posts about locksmith pricing.

Upgrade When Necessary

Timely lock upgrades are a proactive and essential approach to maintaining a robust security system for your home.
As locks age, they become more exposed to malfunctions or even complete failure.
The wear and tear that locks endure over time can compromise their effectiveness, leading to unexpected lockouts or security breaches. Promptly addressing these problems through repairs or replacements is crucial to creating a secure and comfortable living space.
However, the benefits of timely lock upgrades extend beyond functionality. One of the most significant advantages is the peace of mind they offer.
To expand the level of protection even more, consider installing advanced locking systems. Modern security technology offers a range of options, including smart locks, keyless options, remote controls, etc.

Check If Your Deadbolt Or Deadlatch Is Alright

Slowly lock your door and listen. Ensure that the deadbolt makes it all the way when it's locked. Can you turn the key or a doorknob freely? Then, most likely, you have nothing to worry about so far.
If the latch bolt doesn't work freely and smoothly as well, that might mean that your door is installed incorrectly.
If you have to use force to make the door adjoin so the deadbolt can move, that might be a warning sign. That's when calling for professional assistance will be a wise decision.
locksmith repair deadbolt and deadlatch
As you can see, even the slightest malfunctioning that actually causes you no problems at all needs to be fixed as soon as it hasn't become a huge issue.
locksmith repair deadbolt and deadlatch

Need more information?

Professional Maintenance

Unfortunately, even the best locks require maintenance to ensure smooth functionality and durability. You may perform it on your own with all the steps we've discussed in this article. However, there are situations when professional assistance is necessary. For instance, if you've experienced a break-in or even an attempted one, having your locks professionally inspected and possibly upgraded is crucial.
Trusting your security to experts is always wise, so regular lock check-ups can ensure your peace of mind and help avoid potential risks down the road. In fact, it's advisable to schedule expert lock maintenance at least once a year or more frequently if you live in a harsh climate or your locks are heavily used.
It's a significant investment in your security, convenience, and peace of mind for years to come.
At Sure Lock & Key, we're always here to restore the smooth functionality of your locks once again. We offer a wide range of lock-related services to ensure you receive the best assistance you deserve.

Summing up

In conclusion, the longevity and reliability of your locks are crucial for security and peace of mind in your home. Following the tips and tricks outlined in our article may save you time and money on lock replacements. From using your locks gently to regular cleaning, lubrication, and even checking your door's installation, there are many ways to keep your locks in top-notch condition. Still, if you have any questions or need professional assistance, feel free to call Sure Lock & Key!

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