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What locks are locksmith proof

Trying to secure their homes to the maximum, people often draw attention to high-security locks. Getting such a lock is a great investment. But before calling us to install it, you should learn something about its functionality and features. Locksmith-proof locks became a very popular demand among our customers in the last few years. People think that if a locksmith can’t pick a lock, then this lock gives the highest level of security. So, let’s check what locks are irresistible even for techs from Sure Lock & Key!

Highly secure locks

Standard locks are easy to use, cheap, and easy to install but also they are easy to pick. They weren’t deliberately designed to be easy prey for burglars. The thing is that locks and keys evolution provokes thieving evolution as well. But nowadays, we have locks that are almost impossible to pick. So we can assure you that we won this round. And definitely, we will win all the next rounds. The most popular locks of this type are produced by the Bowley Lock Company. They created locks that withstand all robbers with common lock picks. Unlike standard locks, the Bowley lock is designed to have a special shield that covers pins, and only a uniquely designed key can reach the lock’s picks and lock or unlock it.


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But no matter how secure and advanced your lock is, none of them can resist being destroyed by a drill. That’s the most radical solution. And there are only a few situations a residential locksmith can use such a method. If your tech is going to drill the lock, then that lock is beyond repair anyway. Such a method is highly unsuitable for robbers since the drill will cause lots of noise and fuss. And the chances to remain unseen are minimal.

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