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What Locks Are Locksmith Proof

Trying to secure their homes to the maximum, people often draw attention to high-security locks. Getting such a lock is a great investment. But before calling us to install it, you should learn something about its functionality and features. Locksmith-proof locks became a very popular demand among our customers in the last few years. People think that if a locksmith can’t pick a lock, then this lock gives the highest level of security. So, let’s check what locks are irresistible even for techs from Sure Lock & Key!

Are all door locks Pickable

What exactly is lock picking? Basically, it’s the way to open the lock without the original key using various tools. This method can be performed by professional technicians or professional criminals, as it requires certain skills. Locksmiths use specialized tools to perform this task and criminals might not be that advanced, so they might use bobby pins or paper clips to pick the lock.
However, the question is, can all locks be picked? Technically, today we have many locks that are impossible to pick because they don’t have a keyhole. These are smart locks controlled by a smartphone or locks with keypads that require a code. When it comes to mechanical locks, some are more susceptible to picking and some are less. However, any lock that requires a key is at risk. For example, pin cylinder locks, which are one of the oldest locking mechanisms, are not hard to pick, as most criminals are familiar with this mechanism. Other locks that are vulnerable to picking might be pin-tumbler locks and lever locks. These locks are quite popular as well.
Now, you probably want to know what is the hardest door lock to pick. Let’s figure it out together.

What lock is the hardest to pick

All people want to make their property as secure as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to install a high-security door lock. For that purpose, you might need professional residential locksmith services. However, which lock should you choose? What is the hardest lock to pick? We are ready to share our knowledge and answer these questions.
One of the most secure lock types is a deadbolt lock. It is composed of solid materials and it has a pretty complicated locking mechanism. There are two types of this lock – a single-cylinder deadbolt and a double-cylinder one. The second option will provide you with the highest level of security.
Another great way to make your locks more secure and resistant to lock-picking is to equip them with extra tumblers. Basically, the more pins there are, the more complicated their alignment is – the harder it is to pick these locks. To confuse the criminals even more, it’s advisable to choose a lock with an uncommon keyway.
old secure lock
One of the companies that provide high-security locks is Bowley Lock Company. They create locks that have shields on the pins, so they can’t be unlocked without a special key.
old secure lock

Highly Secure Locks

The main purpose of high-security locks is to withstand various attacks and provide your property with a higher level of protection. They are designed to resist lock-picking, bumping, drilling, etc.
Most of these high-security locks are composed of solid and sturdy metals, like zinc or stainless steel. Many of these locks are equipped with a special metal box and hardened pins that can withstand drilling. Also, they might have unusual keyways that criminals are not familiar with.
Another measure that makes these locks more secure than others is restricted keys. Basically, it means that they are protected by a patent, so no one except the original manufacturer can make a duplicate of this key. No licensed locksmith will agree to create a duplicate because it's against the law.
Today, many people use electronic locks, as they consider them to be more secure. These locks have no keyhole, so they can't be picked. Many of these locks can be connected to your phone, which gives you the opportunity to control who enters your property 24/7.
many door latches
many door latches

How do you stop a lock from being picked

Many thieves choose lock picking over other methods like drilling or bumping because they don't want to attract much attention. So, it's important to take all possible measures to make it much harder for criminals to pick your lock. What can you do to prevent it?
First of all, if your lock is not really secure, you may consider replacing it with another model. Today, there are some locks that have special shields on their pins, so all the common lock picks are useless.
You may apply additional security measures, like motion detectors, for example. You may install them on your porch and you'll receive a notification anytime they detect movement in that area.
Think about installing security cameras on your front door. A camera is a really strong crime deterrent. Most criminals won't even try picking your lock if they know they are being watched, as they wouldn't want to be caught.
Another great option is an alarm system. It won't prevent the lock picking, but it'll notify you immediately if someone tries to break into your house.

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Summing up

So, we can say that no lock is 100% secure. Any lock can be bypassed at some point. However, if you choose high-security locks for your house, you make this task much harder for thieves. Most criminals wouldn’t want to spend much time trying to open that lock, as they wouldn’t want to get noticed. So, a qualitative and reliable lock is one of the greatest investments in your security. Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you with the installation if needed. Also, we’ll gladly provide you with any other security services.

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