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I Lost My Keys: Should I Change Locks

Key loss is probably one of the most common locksmith issues. Your keys might fall out of your bag and you don't notice, or you could also accidentally lose them somewhere. These kinds of incidents happen all the time.

When dealing with key loss, the first thing most people do is change all their locks. This is logical, as people are afraid that someone will find the keys and use them to get into their house. Also, you can never know for certain if you lost the keys or if someone stole them. If an intruder has your key, it makes it much easier to break into your home, as they don't have to deal with picking the lock. So, changing the locks is a great solution for key loss. However, is it the only option? Sure Lock & Key is ready to give you an answer to this question. Keep reading!

What should you do if you lose your keys

No matter how organized and responsible you are, you can't be insured against losing your keys. These kinds of situations happen even to the best of us. As a company with years of experience, we've seen many cases of key loss, and one thing we noticed is that most people start to panic when they can't find their keys. It's difficult to think rationally and come up with a solution when you're feeling anxious and stressed. That's why it's a good idea to plan ahead and learn more about what you should do in the situation of lost keys to the door. We put together a handy guide of useful tips to help you deal with this problem.
Even though it might seem pointless, try looking for them. Sometimes we can't find some item due to being preoccupied. Your keys might be in your bag and you just didn't notice. Also, try to remember where you last saw them, it could be that you forgot them in your office or car. However, if you don't find them, then follow the next steps:
  • Call your insurance company. Most of them will cover your expenses for a new key and lock, regardless if you lost the key or someone stole it.
  • Call the police if you're certain that someone actually stole your key.
  • Look for spare keys. You still need to get inside your home, so use your spare key if you have one, or if not then go to your relatives or friends that have your spare key.
  • Alternatively, you can use residential locksmith services. When you lose your key or someone steals it, your home becomes very vulnerable. So, changing or rekeying the locks is absolutely essential.
woman lose her keys
woman lose her keys

How do you rekey a lock without the original key

As we already mentioned, rekeying a lock is one of the best options if you lose your key, and it will definitely help you feel more secure in your home. Many people are curious if it's possible to rekey door locks without the original key. Our answer is – “Yes”. Nothing is impossible with a professional locksmith by your side. First, the technician will have to pick your lock to unlock the door. Then they'll be able to remove the lock cylinder to perform the rekeying.
So, what exactly is rekeying? Rekeying is the process of changing the pins inside your lock cylinder. Basically, this means that you don't have to replace an entire lock, only certain features. After the technician is done, you will get a new key suitable for the rekeyed lock.
Some people might try rekeying the lock themselves. However, if you're not sure you can do it correctly, it's preferable not to attempt this. The best you can do in any locksmith-related problematic situation is to call a professional technician that will resolve it.
lock rekeing
lock rekeing

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks

When you can't find your key, you can never be sure if you lost it or if someone intentionally stole it. To keep your peace of mind and not be worried that someone will get in your house, it's best to change the locks. There are two ways to do it – replace the locks or rekey them.
When it comes to choosing one of these options, for most people, price is a crucial factor. So, the question is rekey vs. replace locks – which is cheaper?
In most cases, it's less expensive to rekey your lock than to replace it totally. The reason for that is that when you rekey, only a few details inside the lock are replaced. On the other hand, when you decide to replace the entire lock, all the parts and hardware are changed. This means that basically, you need to spend more money to buy all these parts. Also, the process of replacing a lock is more time-consuming than rekeying.
However, if you're considering changing your lock to a more modern and secure type, then replacing it is your only option.
Both ways are good solutions, so it's up to you to decide. If you're still unsure and need more information about these services, we're always ready to answer any questions.

Summing up

Not being able to find your keys is a pretty stressful experience. You can't get into your house without them. Also, you never know if you lost the keys or if somebody actually stole them. Leaving your home unprotected in this situation is not the best idea. To feel safer and protect your home, you should replace or rekey your locks. You don't have to worry about dealing with all of this by yourself because Sure Lock & Key is ready to provide you with all kinds of locksmith services at any time of day or night. Please don't hesitate to call us.

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