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5 Reasons To Change A Door Lock

The safety of our homes is certainly our responsibility. Lock maintenance and replacement are core elements to your safety needs. A sudden malfunction or a door lock accident can present a complicated situation. Experience tells us that there are at least 5 reasons that might force a person to change the lock on the door. Having the information needed to deal with these types of situations changes the pressure experienced at the moment and gives you a heads up and direction as to how to proceed. It may also help you avoid the unexpected. Sure Lock & Key is always happy to explain any area of Locksmithing and Security to you as well as explaining why and when you need to change a door lock. So check out this short blog and we will try to give you all the information you may need. If that's good with you let’s get started.

You move to a new house

Best to consider this security measure and avoid unnecessary risks. Do you know exactly how many people still retain spare keys to your new home? You can get rid of potential security risks by simply changing a door lock. It’s like a totally new mind set. It’s an independence of worry that otherwise would have stayed with you through the time you remained at this address. Best of all from now on, you’re the one who grants people access. If someone else needs access to your house, you can get an additional key for this person. Moreover, you may get a spare key, just in case your key gets misplaced or lost and you can give it to a neighbor or somebody you trust who lives nearby.
technik repairs locksmith
technik repairs locksmith

Your relationship has ended

When there is an unfortunate change in the status of a partner, or regarding someone else that has a spare copy, it’s time to limit access to your home. People might have different motives and act unpredictably. Therefore, a lock change will prevent potential breaches of your home and privacy.

Protecting oneself in a potentially unsafe building or community

Sometimes neighborhoods change in an eye blink and you may no longer feel that sense of security that you once felt. Danger can come from obvious and sometimes not so obvious sources. The truth is anyone at any unsuspecting time can break into ones home and steal something or even a lot of things. The police will investigate the crime, and they could even catch the thief, but that does not erase the experience nor negate any real loss? Many break ins are perpetrated by someone who once had a key to your lock. So in order to start making your property safer the most intelligent action would seem to be installing a new lock. An apartment lock change is a simple task for a professional. If you really believe that you can professionally accomplish this yourself then you can try. But if you hold any doubts at all, this is the time to call a locksmith to get the job done correctly leaving you secure and most of all safe. One thing for sure is that you will feel that full feeling of freedom from fear.

Need more information?

You have been robbed

The first and most important step you should take after the robbery is changing the door lock. Try to do this as soon as possible to increase the security level. It's important because the house that has been burglarized is likely to become a target again. If the person neglects the security measures, there is a high risk that the break-in will happen again. If you had an old lock before, make sure you`ve got a new one this time. This is not the only way to make your property safer after an unfortunate event such as a robbery. There are myriads of options ahead of you to turn your home into a safe castle.
home lock repairman
home lock repairman

Outsiders worked in your home

If you had a recent renovation inside your home, you probably hired professionals to get the job done. They had a duplicate key to get inside the house during work time. Even if they gave those keys back to you, there might be a possibility that they made duplicates to get in later. No matter how reliable those workers are, the door lock change is worth the expense. Don't give thieves the chance they may seek and at the same time increase the level of protection for your home with a new lock.

Your previous lock is too old

If you moved to an old house, the locks might be the same age as the property. There is a higher chance of getting them broken with the old locks. Even if you maintain it properly, a minor issue could cause severe damage and you could get locked out of your home. So, the better option may be to perform a lock change. It won’t take much time if you find a professional locksmith who knows how to do things right. Don’t test your luck - home security is surely priority one.
old lock replacement
old lock replacement

Summing Up

To quote a great man “Life is what happens to us while we have other plans”. Sometimes, during or after those plans, we may need a door lock change. There are many guides on doing everything yourself, but, it’s your security so think for a second, is it worth taking the chance. Why not leave it to the professionals? Technicians from Sure Lock & Key offer you 24 hours per day availability, throughout the year. Each member of our team is fully trained and skilled in all aspects of locksmithing and security. We work with all types of locks, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the result. Give us a call, and we will assist you with any Locksmith and Security question, need or issue. It’s our pleasure. It’s also our job.

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