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How Weather Affects the Functioning of Keyless Locks

When it comes to security, staying a step ahead is essential. Surprisingly, burglars are not the only threat to be mindful of. Unpredictable weather may also pose a significant risk to securing your property. Changing temperature can significantly impact the functionality of locks, leading to jamming or malfunctioning.

Even keyless locks, which don't have traditional keyholes or require keys, are susceptible to weather conditions and occasional failures.

In this article, Sure Lock & Key will discover the impact of temperature on keyless locks functionality, equipping you with valuable tips for preventing potential damage and security breaches.

Stay informed, and don't let unpredictable weather compromise your comfort and safety.

Battery drain

While keyless door locks might seem immune to weather impact, offering greater stability and better protection, weather resistance isn't one of their advantages.
In fact, fluctuating temperatures can introduce a wide range of issues, affecting the functionality of digital locks.
Battery drain is the most common yet frequently overlooked issue caused by weather conditions. Extreme heat or cold may influence the batteries that power your locks, causing them to drain faster than usual.
woman uses a keyless lock
Imagine being locked out of your apartment or office because the lock's battery unexpectedly died. It's not only a frustrating situation but also might cause potential security risks.
That's why it's important to understand how weather conditions impact battery life and carefully choose the best option for your needs.
woman uses a keyless lock

Mechanical issues

Locks, regardless of their type, are prone to mechanical issues as time goes by.
Even though traditional locks are commonly associated with these issues, keyless ones can also be affected by fluctuating temperatures, resulting in potential problems.
Erratic temperatures, whether extreme heat or freezing cold, may cause the materials within the locks to expand or contract, disrupting their smooth functionality.
However, regular maintenance, lubricating the mechanisms, and performing professional checkups may be wise proactive measures to ensure the optimal functionality of all types of locks, including keyless front door locks.

Stuck push buttons

Stuck push buttons are the following common issue arising from weather impact on keyless locks. This problem occurs because of the expansion and contraction of materials caused by temperature fluctuations.
Extreme heat or cold can harm the internal components of locks, leading to stuck or unresponsive buttons.
During hot weather, keyless locks are exposed to intense sunlight, causing materials to expand. This expansion might result in buttons that are difficult to press or remain stuck in a pressed position. On the other hand, colder temperatures cause materials to contract, leading to stiff or frozen push buttons. Moreover, freezing temperatures may affect digital locks' internal wiring or electronic components, further impacting their functionality.
However, by taking preventative measures like installing a weatherproof cover, and regular maintenance, you may minimize the impact of weather conditions on keyless locks' functionality and ensure their optimal performance.

Preventative measures

People cannot influence weather changes, yet there are some practical steps to minimize its impact on your locks and increase their longevity.
Let's outline the main preventive measures.
Regular maintenance: this effective approach includes lubrication and recurring inspections to deter potential damages and security risks.
Alternative materials for your doors: while this point isn't directly associated with locks, it holds significant importance in safeguarding your property. By replacing wooden door frames and exterior doors with more weather-resistant options like metal or fiberglass, you may lower the risk of damage caused by temperature fluctuations and moisture.
Professional assistance: only skilled and experienced locksmiths can provide expert guidance and assistance in selecting the right keyless lock system for your needs to guarantee safety and the peace of mind you deserve. Professional service is also necessary for resolving locks issues to make the experience hassle-free and avoid further complications.
By implementing these preventative measures, you'll safeguard your keyless locks and enjoy reliable and secure access to your property regardless of the weather.

Summing up

From stuck push buttons to unresponsive touchscreens - weather conditions may significantly impact lock systems, compromising our security and comfort. Yet we can always be a step ahead with effective solutions at hand. By staying vigilant with regular maintenance, lubrication, and weatherproofing, we may protect our property and ensure our keyless locks remain reliable guardians in any weather. Find entrusting this task to professionals a wiser decision? Sure Lock & Key is here to assist! Call us now to get efficient services right away.

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