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Are expensive locks more secure

It is quite popular to think that the more expensive the device, the better its quality. But is it really so? Does this apply to all our purchases? Well, if we're talking about cars, you're probably more likely to go for a more expensive brand. This is understandable because a car is an important investment that should serve you for many years and you'd want it to ensure safety and comfort. This also applies to door locks. However, it is impossible to say unequivocally that the most expensive lock will be your best choice. After all, in this way, you can only overpay and get an expensive door lock with the same characteristics as a cheaper option. Therefore, it is best to understand this issue and weigh all aspects so that the quality of the selected device corresponds to its price. If you need the services of a professional locksmith who can advise you on which lock to choose and install, then Sure Lock & Key is a great choice! Our company has been in the locksmith and security industry for over 30 years and provides all types of locksmith services you could ever need.

Are expensive locks worth it

The question of price is one of the most important ones when buying a new device or ordering a service. It is not surprising because the user wants to receive a service of the required quality for a certain price. This also applies to door locks. In addition, it is quite common that the more expensive the lock you install, the safer you feel in your own home, office, or elsewhere. However, is it worth overpaying for door locks? Let's look at several aspects that the cost of a door lock affects.
  • Higher price - better quality. Yes, a higher price can ensure a higher quality of the lock's material and the mechanism itself. In this way, your lock will have a much higher resistance level than a cheap door lock. In addition, even the appearance of a higher-quality and cost-effective door lock can cause thieves to bypass your door.
  • Expensive and complex locks look more inaccessible. As mentioned above, even the very appearance of a complex mechanism will make a burglar think twice before choosing the house. Thus, the thief will have to spend more time picking or breaking a complex door lock.
  • Any lock can be picked. Yes, regardless of the cost of the door lock, even the most expensive smart lock can be hacked by a thief. Still, the more expensive and complicated the mechanism, the longer it takes to break it down.
expensive lock on black door
All of these aspects may influence your preference, but it is still up to you to choose. Therefore, before making a rash purchase, it is better to weigh all the details and only then choose a door lock. This will allow you to spend your funds wisely and provide the necessary level of security.
expensive lock on black door

What is the most secure locking mechanism

For quite some time, deadbolts and smart locks have been recognized as the most secure door locks among other types. As for the first, deadbolts are most often chosen for the house's front door. Thus, they have the best security features and are reliable enough to protect your home. In addition, there are several classes of deadbolts that are responsible for the level of security. That's why a lock of the first class is more reliable than a lock of the third class and so on.
As for smart locks, there are many more details to consider. After all, technologies are developing, and smart locks are taking over the position of the best door lock mechanism. The main advantages of smart locks, among other types of door locks, are listed below.
  • Keyless entry. That's right, smart locks don't require keys, so you don't have to worry about forgetting them at home or losing them.
  • As already mentioned above, keys are not required to unlock smart locks. Some smart locks may use an unlock code or other technology. This ensures a high level of security because a mechanism like this is quite difficult to break.
  • Easy to use. In addition, smart locks can be controlled even remotely. This will allow you to access the lock with your smartphone.
Despite the fact that the smart lock looks perfect, just like others it has its drawbacks. One of these is that smart locks can be hacked, so if you want to know more about this and other disadvantages of smart locks, then read our article.

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Which company lock is best for your home

Schlage has long been considered one of the most popular companies for the production of door locks. This is an American locksmith company, which was founded in 1920 by Walter Schlieghe, and is a leader in the market of door locks. Despite the constant rivalry with Kwikset, which presents more affordable door lock options, Schlage is still more popular among users due to its quality and is recognized as a top lock for a door. One of Schlage's most popular models among users is their deadbolt B60N, which has the highest level of anti-burglary certification and is affordable and easy to install.
Schlage lock
Schlage lock

Summing up

Of course, the choice of your door lock is up to you, and only you can choose whether it will be an expensive lock or a more affordable lock. However, whatever your choice, we are always happy to help you! Sure Lock & Key's specialists will not only help you choose the right door lock but also help you install it quickly. We provide all types of residential locksmith services and have many years of experience. So, feel free to call us and have all your locksmith questions answered! Afterall this is what we do and we love what we do!

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