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Best Smart Locks for Airbnb

If you want to easily earn some extra money, putting your house or apartment on Airbnb might be a great solution. However, keep in mind that you'll need to pay a lot of attention to the security of your property. One of the first things to consider is how to secure the entry point. For that purpose, more and more homeowners choose keyless locks. It's way more convenient than regular locks and offers more control to the owner.

Now you're probably wondering which lock is the best in cases like that. We believe smart locks to be a great option and we want to provide you with a little guide on some of the devices that are the most popular today. Keep reading to learn more!

Yale Smart Locks

Yale is renowned as one of the market's premier and highly respected brands. Its cutting-edge offering replaces your existing deadbolt with a fully motorized touchscreen. With this innovative lock, both you and your guests can conveniently open and lock the door remotely through a dedicated app on your smartphones or Apple watches.
This smart lock includes its own keypad, allowing you to set a personalized passcode according to your preferences. Moreover, it incorporates advanced features such as geofencing, built-in Bluetooth, and auto-unlock. This means that whenever you approach your WiFi range, the lock can automatically unlock the door for you, adding an extra layer of convenience.
For hosts who primarily list on Airbnb and don't require extensive automation, the Yale lock seamlessly connects directly to the OTA (Online Travel Agency) platform to cater specifically to your guests needs.
yale smart lock
yale smart lock

Igloohome Smart Locks

This type of smart lock differs from the previous one, as it is not Wi-fi enabled. It runs on Bluetooth protocols and in order to get it activated, the person needs to enter a correct PIN.
Crafted specifically for Airbnb hosts by fellow hosts, this lock presents three convenient access modes: Bluetooth, touchscreen, and physical keys. When you acquire this package, it includes the Igloo Home app, which enables you to generate time-limited PIN codes or "Bluetooth keys" (in QR code format) for your guests, family, friends, and trusted acquaintances. Notably, recipients are not required to download an app to receive access. Alternatively, they can simply scan a QR code located on the side of the lock to request access.

August Smart Locks

Another great option is the August smart lock, which is really convenient and easy to install. It can be attached to the lock you have on the door currently, which enables you to use your original keys. It's working principles and connection system are just like the ones Yale has. This type of lock is operated with a wireless keypad system.
Upon booking, guests will promptly receive instructions through their Airbnb inbox, guiding them to download the August app, establish a connection with Airbnb, and subsequently obtain exclusive access codes to utilize during their entire stay.
Once guests have departed, the lock possesses the capability to automatically modify the access code. Additionally, if a guest cancels their reservation, the lock can promptly revoke their access.

Schlage Smart Locks

Probably most of you have heard about this brand at least once. Schlage locks are considered one of the most reliable and high-quality ones. Your guest won't have the need to connect to the system via Wi-fi or Bluetooth, as there's a possibility to access the lock through a specialized app.
With the Schlage Encode, you receive notifications whenever your lock is opened or closed, and it furnishes you with a comprehensive record of the individuals' activities entering or exiting your property. Also, you get the opportunity to select the duration of the time delay before the bolt automatically relocks, ranging from as brief as 15 seconds to as extensive as 4 minutes.
Furthermore, the Schlage Encode empowers you to generate a maximum of 100 personalized access codes for individuals, whether their access is temporary or permanent. This functionality enables effortless management and tracking of who has access to your property.
Schlage Smart Locks
In case you're considering the installation of this type of lock, you will most probably need professional locksmith services.
Schlage Smart Locks

Kwikset Smart Locks

One of the best choices for a short-term rental property is Kwikset. It is really user-friendly and by many means more convenient than other smart locks. The Kwikset smart lock system offers two options: a traditional keypad or a touchscreen. While the touchscreen version has an appealing design, it can be sensitive and challenging to use. On the other hand, the keypad model provides superior functionality and a more reliable user experience.
To operate the touchscreen version, you tap the screen or use your palm to activate it before entering the key code. However, this version may not consistently detect your hand gestures on the first attempt. In contrast, the keypad version poses no issues and operates smoothly.
Moreover, you can come up with up to 250 different combinations, which is extremely convenient for Airbnb

Summing Up

We can all agree that the security of our property is one of the top priorities, especially when we let other people in, like with Airbnb services. One of the best security measures is a functional, high-quality lock. Today, more and more people prefer smart locks, as they're really convenient and allow the owners to fully control who accesses their building.
If you're thinking about installing any of the locks we mentioned above, Sure Lock & Key is ready to assist.

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