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Are smart locks weatherproof

With the growing popularity of smart locks, more and more people have decided to choose this type of entrance security over traditional ones. Not only are those locks more convenient, but they are also impossible to pick by intruders. However, as time passes, a logical question arises, “Are smart locks weatherproof?” Sure Lock & Key is here to answer it and any other locksmith-related questions and professionally assist you in case of any trouble. So, if you're thinking about installing a smart lock, keep reading to learn more about its features and main benefits.

Can smart locks get wet

First, it's important to note that not all smart locks are weatherproof. The robust hardware doesn't make all of them resistant to heavy rains, frost, ice, snow, high and low temperatures, strong winds, dirt, dust, etc. Before getting one, ensure you've searched about its type, model, and features earlier and that it corresponds to all the characteristics stated by the manufacturer.
Weatherproof smart locks aren't “afraid” of extreme weather. They can work during pouring rains. However, it doesn't mean they all can work under the same conditions. In other words, some of them are more waterproof than others. There are locks that work under direct rain and there are outdoor smart locks that require at least a little shelter above them as they can't withstand excessive rainfall.
While raining, the high-quality weatherproof locks block their touchscreen, so the lock software is saved from damage. This way, the door remains locked, and so does the smart lock itself. It means they don't break or malfunction with unpredictable weather changes, leaving your front door unlocked and don't worry opening it. Usually, you may turn to a special application on your Smartphones to unlock the door.
If you decide to install a weatherproof smart lock and feel you need professional assistance, we're always ready to help you. We provide all kinds of residential locksmith services.
smart lock on new door
smart lock on new door

How to waterproof and prevent your smart lock from damaging

However, what can you do if you've already bought the lock but are not sure about its waterproof capabilities? Is it possible to protect it somehow? The answer to your questions is “Yes.” Below, we prepared a short list of tips you can use to secure your smart lock from difficult weather.
  • Choose a covered location for your smart lock installation. First of all, if you have already bought a smart lock and are unsure whether it's waterproof, make sure you install it in a place with some shelter above. A porch with a canopy is the perfect place to protect this technical device from bad weather, like heavy rains and strong winds. It doesn't guarantee complete protection, since the rain tends to flow with the wind.
  • Get a high-quality weatherproof cover for your smart lock. If you don't have a covered entryway, invest in a superior cover for your lock. Measure your lock and look for the covers on the web that perfectly match the manufacturer, the model, and the dimensions of your smart lock. The cover will protect it from rain, snow, and dirt, which should significantly increase its functioning cycle.
man using smartphone for smart lock
  • Preserve the lock with watertight sealant. If you decipher you have a smart lock that is not waterproof or does not have a cover you may still use a watertight sealant as an alternative. This method is cheaper and quite effective. Do some research on the web to make sure the product may be used. Before initiating the process, read the instructions carefully. If applied correctly, the sealant after it dries, should cause your lock to be become protected.
man using smartphone for smart lock

Summing up

Installing a smart lock is a great idea. However, it's important to consider the weather changes in your area. That way, you will get a win-win solution – a higher level of security and a lock resistant to any weather conditions. If you have any doubts about the smart lock's issues, feel free to contact us. Sure Lock & Key will gladly answer your questions.

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