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How To Secure Your Home On A Budget

If we can’t feel safe at home, then where can we? Having a safe home may be the most natural desire every person shares. However, cost matters when trying to achieve the required result. Since price may play a significant role, we would like to suggest some shortcuts that will make your home safer and save you money. Sure Lock & Key has over 35 years of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry from which to suggest these tips on how to make your home more secure on a budget. Keep reading!

Secure Doors And Windows

Many people simply forget to lock doors and windows, making their homes easy prey. Even when you are at home, we believe it would be wise to make it a habit to lock them. When you’re leaving home, it’s a good idea to check doors and first-floor windows. You can also find budget smart locks which will afford you the option of locking doors and windows via the app, wherever you are.
Another important suggestion would be to upgrade your door locks. When was the last time you checked the serviceability of all your important locks? Locking doors and windows might not be enough if your locks are not high-quality. You can hire a professional locksmith to check them. If they are unreliable, you should be able to get a lock replacement on the spot.
woman with a smart security system
woman with a smart security system

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Secure Your Garage

Homeowners and renters put a lot of effort into keeping their houses safe but often forget about garages. It is an easy way to enter the house. If you have a garage, especially one connected to your home, you need to secure it as well. A great idea would be to install an alarm system and a smart garage door opener. In case you don’t remember whether you have left the garage door open, you can just use your phone app to check it. If you find that you forgot you can simply close the door via the app.

Install A Home Security System

If you want to keep your home safe 24/7 from anywhere in the world, think about installing a smart home security system. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent home invasions.This also serves as the best preventative medicine in that many a time the burglars may change their minds once they spot a security camera or another smart device. We
In case a full home security system is too expensive for you, it is possible to install individual smart devices like
  • Security camera
  • Entry sensors
  • Motions sensors
  • Glass break sensors
man opens a window with a key
man opens a window with a key

Reinforce Your Doors And Windows

What is the state of your doors and windows? Can burglars easily break them to gain access to your home? Then it would be best if you reinforced all your doors and windows. One more way to secure entryways is to install deadbolt locks.
If you have a full or partial glass front door, use curtains or blinds to cover the door. If the door has plain glass, burglars can easily see whether someone is home. You can also install doors with hurricane-rated glass, impact-resistant, or laminated glass. Or just stick a security film to protect it from being broken.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Rather than keeping your outdoor light on all the time, consider installing motion-sensitive lighting. It will make burglars know that residents will notice them. We also recommend setting up a timer for your indoor lights if you plan to go away for a few days. This way, it will always look like somebody is home. Most burglars will not break in if they think someone is home. There is a wide range of lighting options, so you will definitely find something that fits your budget.
If you plan to leave your home for a long time, ask your friend or neighbor to collect your mail, since to a potential robber, mail piling up is a sign that no one is there.
open a safe
open a safe

Hide Your Key(S) Wisely

Find a reliable hiding place for your spare keys. Though convenient, do not keep a key under your doormat or flowerpot. Those are the first places a burglar will look. You may leave your key or spare one to a trusted friend or neighbor. Or buy a key hider that looks like an object in your garden.

Consider Installing A Safe

Every average person keeps valuables at home, but not everyone has a safe. We all want to take care of things that are valuable to us. That’s why we invest in home security products. Consider buying a safe to keep jewelry, cash, and vital documents. It is one of the best ways of protection, as it’s made with high-quality materials. Sure Lock & Key can install a safe to ensure that your valuables will not be touched or stolen. So give us a call, and our live operator will assist you in making your decision.

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