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Making Your Apartment Secure With Professionals

A sense of security is one of the basic needs people need and in our modern societies, expect. Fulfilling it, we create a base for our personal growth and development. When we feel safe, we can be ourselves, relax, and work without constantly looking over our shoulders. Our private space, our territory, is untouchable, at least it should be. So what are the rules needed to be followed in order to properly answer the question of how to prevent home burglary, especially with respect to apartments? Different surveys report that thieves' approach robbing residential houses differently from apartments.

Sure Lock & Key wants to provide you with tips that will work for your particular situation, so you won’t need to concoct something new on your own. We put together our experience as well as our customers whose apartments were unfortunately intruded upon. They are sad stories with which to learn from. Finally we have come up with a list of suggestions on how to secure an apartment. Let’s secure your home!

Smart Locks For Apartment Buildings

Let’s start from the beginning. To get to your apartment, a thief has to overcome a path including, the front door, hall, elevator or stairs, another hall, etc. The burglars are likely to attempt their intrusion during the day because, depending on the structure and logistics it can often be easier to merge with the people who live in the building.
The strategy we’re going to suggest is based on a simple principle. Make each stage a challenge and even if an intruder manages to overcome one of them, the next won’t be as easy. We can’t make traps like those used in Indiana Jones movies, but we can try to make it harder to thief-proof your home.
The front door used to be the front line for many centuries. However, today, we can stop or detect burglars long before they enter your floor. By installing a smart lock with an intercom, this allows residents to minimize the risk of intrusion. The only way to enter the building is to hack the system or sneak inside with someone who has access. Since the first method is for advanced thieves, the second way is more realistic. Sometimes burglars pretend to be couriers and the person who accidentally let them inside may be more lazy, scared or just naive than suspicious.
More and more apartment buildings get concierge services. Among all the tasks the door man has is that they also play the role of theft prevention. They are likely to know all the residents and can easily detect strangers.
smart door lock on a wooden door
If your building isn’t equipped with a smart lock and there’s no watchful guardian at the front door, then let’s check to see what else can be done.
smart door lock on a wooden door

Locks For Apartment

If you have little or no say regarding your building arrangements, you can take care of your apartment by yourself. Start with a reliable lock for your front door. However, even the best lock won’t work as it should on a flimsy door. Please, don’t forget about the frame and hinges as well. Installing a high-security lock on a solid wooden door minimizes the risk of intrusion. A thief needs more time to get through this door which means that the risk of being spotted increases.
Moreover, you may install a smart door lock on your front door. This affords many opportunities and advantages. Besides checking whether the door is closed from a distance, you can also see who has been trying to visit while you were away. Sometimes you’re not allowed to install CCTV cameras in block buildings, so you can use your smart lock instead to see what is happening. Thieves might spend some time checking out their target, choosing which door is easiest to break, etc.

Home Security Systems For Apartments

Getting a home security system for your apartment would be a huge step towards home security. It provides complex protection on different levels of security and covers most of your security needs. Usually, people who rent apartments don’t even consider this option because they don’t want to invest money in something that they will have to leave behind when moving. However, you can get yourself a wireless system which you will be able to take with you to any new place. Just, choose your best home security system, intelligently. Make your decision with your potential future goals in mind and enjoy your new level of peace of mind.
metal exterior door
These systems can be acquired on different budgets. If you have time, desire, and skill, you may even install it yourself. That’s an excellent option for those who don’t like the idea of letting strangers inside their homes. However, if the idea of the third-part help doesn’t trigger you, you may even get professional monitoring. This way your property will be watched over, 24/7, in order to protect you and your family from any danger.
metal exterior door

Get Yourself A Safe

If you have been waiting for a sign to invest in a safe, this is it. It may be a great advantage to have a built-in safe. However, if you only rent the place, you might not be eligible to make holes in the walls or floor. You may ask your landlord to install a safe or permission to do it yourself in exchange for a future payment. You both will receive long term advantages. You - the ability to store your most valuable assets in a safe place, the landlord - from having a more valuable and attractive apartment after you have left. If there’s no chance you can build in a safe, consider getting a regular one. It is certainly better than no protection at all. After all, you can take this safe with you if you move.
There are a couple of facts you may need to know before purchasing a safe. First of all, we recommend you get at least a medium-sized safe. Even though it seems that a small one is easier to hide, you are most likely to run out of space within a shorter time than you expect. Also, we want to suggest you buy a safe with fire protection. Lets hope you never need this function, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

Even though we live in a digital era, many people still don't know how or just never get around to, protecting their data. They are more afraid of home burglary than of losing personal and financial information. This attitude may be dangerous since your Wi-Fi network needs protection being that it is the “gateway” to your data. Usually, you use it for online banking, buying things, chatting with friends, booking hotel rooms, watching different videos, sharing your private photos and videos, work, etc. That’s a lot of information that could be stolen.
Moreover, a vulnerable Wi-Fi network can provide thieves with easy access to all devices that are connected to your network. It may be especially dangerous if it’s your home security system. So, it would be great to secure your apartment on this level as well. Actually, it’s easier than it might seem. Let’s check what you can do.
  • Change your Wi-Fi name. Let it be a name understood only by you. No data about the company that manufactured a router, no data that can be related to the password.
  • Use a strong and unique password. Once again. Let it be something no one would be able to guess or unravel.
  • Enable WP2 encryption. Most routers have this function turned off by default. Ensure it works as soon as you get the router installed or at least as soon as you’ve read our blog post.
  • Don’t forget to update your router software. This is a super important step. Many people work daily to provide us with better protection, don’t neglect their efforts.
  • Use a firewall. Sometimes it can be turned off, just like the encryption. Make sure it works so that you are protected from viruses and malware.

Summing Up

Making your home safe might be a task that takes a lot of time, effort and investment. However, you can reach your goal by taking tiny steps. This path will be easier with someone you can rely on. Sure Lock & Key is a coast to coast leader in the Locksmith and Security industry, with over 35 years of experience. We’re always ready to give you a hand when it comes to your security needs!

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