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How to prevent being locked out of your car

A car lockout is one of the most common problems any locksmith company has to deal with. If you've ever experienced that, you know how stressful a situation like that can be, especially when you're busy. You can always use professional emergency services to resolve this problem. However, it might be much better to take some measures to avoid it.

Mostly, car lockouts occur due to a lack of attention from the car owner. Sometimes it may happen because of car lock or key breakages. In this article, we want to discuss the main reasons for car lockouts and ways to prevent them. Keep reading to learn more.

Have a set of spare keys

One of the most common reasons for both a car lockout and a house lockout is a key loss. A car key is a tiny device that you can easily drop somewhere without even noticing. Usually, you figure it out when you're standing in front of the locked door. The best preventive measure you can take to avoid getting locked out of a car is to get a spare key.
To do that, you can contact your car dealer and ask them to provide you with an extra pair of keys. You'll have to wait for about a week to receive it. Another option is to ask an automotive locksmith for assistance.
spare car key
After you get a spare key, it's essential to find the best place to hide it. You can either give it to a person you can trust or you can put it somewhere in your car.
spare car key

Use a FOB to lock a car door

If it's possible for your car model, consider using a fob to lock and unlock your car door. The fob will work only if you have your keys with you. Developing the habit of using it to operate your car door will motivate you to always check whether you have your car key on you.
Keep in mind that a key fob is a mechanism that requires regular maintenance. If it malfunctions, you may also find yourself locked out of your car. To avoid that, check the batteries regularly and pay attention to where you store your key fob.

Replace faulty car locks

Most people don't pay attention to the malfunctioning mechanisms until they break down fully. Car door locks are no exception. Usually, car owners contact a technician only when the lock stops functioning completely.
However, to avoid all that unnecessary rush and stress, it's better to act beforehand. Check the condition of your car locks from time to time and if you see any signs of malfunctioning, think about car lock replacement. Calling a locksmith to complete this task when it's convenient for you is much wiser than resolving an emergency.

Always double-check before getting out of the car

Another simple measure you might take to avoid locking yourself out of the car is double-checking. It'll benefit the general security of your car as well.
Try to develop a habit of always checking if you haven't left your keys on the seat and also check your pockets. Also, pay attention to what you leave out in the open in your car. Avoid keeping valuable items on the surface not to attract thieves.
After you lock your car, double-check whether it's actually closed and all the windows are shut.

Store a trusted locksmith contact in your phone

The tips we mentioned before can be really helpful, but still, they don't give a 100% guarantee that you'll avoid getting locked out of your car. If you eventually have to deal with this situation, you would want it to be resolved as fast as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to call a professional automotive locksmith. However, it might not be as easy to find the right one on the spot. We recommend you search for a reliable technician beforehand and save their contact in your phone. That way, you can always be confident you have a backup.
Sure Lock & Key has been dealing with car key and lock issues for years and we'll gladly assist you if you need us.
man locked of out of his car
man locked of out of his car

Summing up

Getting locked out of the car is something no car owner would want to deal with. Issues like that usually arise completely unexpectedly. However, there are a few measures you might take to avoid them. Always check whether you have your keys on you when leaving the car, pay attention to your car lock maintenance and always have a number of a reliable technician just in case. Also, remember to always have a spare key easily accessible.

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