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How to prevent locking your children in the car

You've become a multitasking person if you live with kids. Trying to cope with work, home responsibilities, vacations, or family trips at weekends may be overwhelming. In particular, if you have one of these hard mornings: you're trying your best to feed and dress your children while listening to their arguments on who will sit at which seat. It is super easy to get distracted and forget something important, for example, your keys or wallet. The pressure gets stronger when you sit in the vehicle, trying to remember whether you shut off the iron as your kids play on the seats. In all that, you somehow manage to move through a flow of cars in the rush hour and get to the destination as safely as possible. You must have a superpower if you're keeping up with that daily. However, troubles may happen even to the best of us. One day you may accidentally lock your children in the car. Many parents believe it will never happen to them until it does.

To prevent locking the children in the car, look through these tips. They may be helpful for you. However, if that has happened, don't hesitate to call for emergency locksmith services straight away.

Check the seat

In order not to spend time panicking and thinking something like, “OMG! I'm a horrible parent!” It's better to prevent these cases. One of the simplest things is to develop the habit of always taking your children with you. It is obligatory if you live in the south of the US, as generally, temperatures can get high and become life-threatening for kids.
It may seem obvious, but an intelligent decision would be to go through the car before leaving to ensure the kids aren't left behind. Some parents even leave a sign on the dashboard. We understand sometimes you have so many things to worry about: groceries, work tasks, household chores, etc. However, it is recommended that you take your kids with you. It's better not to leave them inside, even for a little while, and when it's not hot outside. For example – let's say you get to the supermarket and desperately need a couple of things. Your two-year-old toddler has just fallen asleep in the baby car seat. What should you do? Of course, it's only up to you to decide, but consider the general situation at the parking lot, the weather and temperatures, and the approximate time of your staying in the market.
child locked in car
Still, it is recommended to take your kid anyway, as leaving them in the parking lot in a locked car may be more dangerous.
child locked in car

Make a spare key

We suggest making a spare key beforehand to prepare for unexpected situations like your children being locked inside a car. You may put it in your pocket or purse and always have it with you in emergencies. A locksmith can make a duplicate of your ignition car key quickly and effortlessly. You may turn to Sure Lock & Key, and we will gladly assist you.
Beyond that, remember never to leave a key in the ignition, especially when your children are inside the vehicle. As this may increase the risk, they would get locked inside. They might also decide to play with the gearbox or start pushing the control panel buttons, which may cause unpredictable outcomes. A set of car keys shouldn't be a regular toy for kids. Remember to store them out of children's arm's reach.
spare car key in hand
spare car key in hand

Call a locksmith

So, what should you do if you got out of the car, got distracted for a second, turned your head back, and realized your kids are inside, the key as well, the door is locked, and you don't have a spare key? First of all, try to calm down. Instead of panicking, a wise decision may be to choose action and call an emergency mobile locksmith. We understand that you might not have a number on the speed dial because, luckily, we hope these situations are uncommon for you. However, if you decide to choose Sure Lock & Key, be sure we will get to you as soon as possible.
An important note: trying to break in or open the car with improvised materials increases the risk of damaging your car and its locks. It may cause more trouble for the specialist later to resolve the problem and raise your expenses on changing locks and keys or even damaging core electronic vehicle systems.

Summing up

A matter of kids and car safety is always essential and cannot be neglected. Moreover, parental responsibility is also to ensure their children's safety. However, life with toddlers may be hectic, and sometimes it isn't easy to keep all the important things in mind trying to manage a day. Nevertheless, knowing what to do in emergencies can significantly reduce your pressure, time, expenses and sometimes even save a precious little life.