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5 Tips to prevent being locked out of your car

Car owners know that a car is not only a fast and convenient means of transportation but can also be a source of many unexpected problems. Constant repairs, refueling, and car washes are a routine that every owner has to deal with on a regular basis. However, what if you find yourself locked in a car and can't get out? The fear of confined spaces can take over. The first thing that comes to mind is to find a spare key. However, what if you don't have one? What then? These five tips from Sure Lock & Key will help you avoid locking yourself or your children in the car. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Have a set of spare car keys

If you just bought a new car, remember to make an extra set of keys. At first, you might think, why spend extra money since you've never locked yourself out of your car? However, this key, hidden near the wheels or under the hood, may save you from trouble. The only downside of using those hiding places is that someone else can find them. You may also keep a spare key in your bag or pocket. It may seem trivial, but a small key made a few years ago can come in handy at the most unexpected moment.
set of spare car keys
set of spare car keys

Use a FOB to lock car doors

Many people are used to pressing the lock button when getting out of the car, when the keys may be left inside. One of the ways to avoid situations like that is to use a FOB to lock and unlock your car door. Also, when you get out of the car, make it a habit to check whether your keys are with you. This rule minimizes the risk of locking yourself out of your car.

Replace faulty car locks

Like other car parts, locks don't last forever and wear out over time. If your car is not the newest, the lock may break at the most inconvenient moment. Then it will be difficult for you to open or close the car. In addition, the situation when the key breaks inside the lock is quite common. Then you might need a qualified locksmith for car lock replacement. If your lock is not broken completely, but you have to put more effort into opening or closing the car, it's also worth contacting a specialist to prevent future troubles

Always double-check before getting out of the car

As noted above, the owner's inattention is the most common cause of car lockout. People usually forget their keys in the ignition or on the car seat. It is best to determine where you will put the keys in advance, whether it is a pocket, a bag, or a special key holder. Taking your keys with you as soon as you park the car will come in handy, as it will reduce the risk of locking them inside.

Store a trusted locksmith contact in your phone

The last and most important tip is always to save a security services provider's number on your phone. After all, imagine a situation where you are in a hurry for an important work meeting, locked in your car, and have to spend time looking for a reliable locksmith. Calling a trusted specialist is less stressful than calling the first few sites in a Google search. Therefore, we advise you to find "your" locksmith, in advance and contact them whenever necessary.

Summing Up

Using these simple rules, we are confident that the likelihood of your car locks failing is minimal. But if it does happen, Sure Lock & Key will help you deal with it quickly and at a minimal cost.

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