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What To Do If Your Keys Get Stolen: Quick Guide

Being a small piece of metal, a key is easy to lose, misplace, or get stolen. Such a situation can’t be a pleasant experience. But if you know what to do you can minimize the consequences and avoid the stress. Sure Lock & Key is here to provide you with detailed information on how to behave when you’ve got your key stolen!

Make Sure That The Key Is Stolen Indeed

Obviously, you need to try to find it. If you use a key finder device, it won’t be hard. If not, let’s check the last place you were. Don’t forget about unobvious places like under the couch cushions. Usually, it lays somewhere in a visible place, but being irritated we can’t see it. You can ask someone to check with you.
Generally speaking, we misplace our keys if we don’t have a special place for them. That’s why to exclude such a possibility you can get yourself a key cabinet.
After you’ve checked all the possible places, and still didn’t find your keys, you can assume it is lost or stolen. The first scenario isn’t so dangerous because the chances it will end in the wrong hands aren’t high. To make a key loss pointless for intruders don’t attach a keychain with your personal information to it.
Now when we know that the key was stolen, we can take action.
man lost his car key
man lost his car key

What Should I Do First When I’ve Got My Car Key Stolen

Ok, let’s imagine. Your car key is stolen, what is the first thing that appears in your mind? Call the police? Surely, you can call them, but actually, their help is not what you need at the moment. You need them to deal with the consequences of key loss or if except for the key something else was stolen too. If you’ve spotted that the key is stolen right after it got stolen, you can solve the issue quickly. All you need to do is to call a local locksmith. Also, you can check whether your insurance company guarantees you a key replacement. If they do, then your day wasn’t a complete disaster.

Should I Change My Car Locks

Being terrified that someone can gain access to their car, people sometimes take very drastic action. To change car locks will definitely help, but we need to figure out whether we really need it.
If you happen to have an old car, then you can’t do without locks and ignition replacement. We highly recommend not to neglect ignition. You may think that it’s enough to change the locks, but actually no. You have to be sure that there’s no possibility that someone can start your car. To get some assets stolen from the car is awful, but to get the car hijacked is a lot worse.
key fob in a hand
If you happen to have a car manufactured after 1990, then there’s no need to change locks. A locksmith will program a new key, so the old one won’t work anymore. And all the attempts to open your car using that old key will be completely pointless.
key fob in a hand

Is There Something Else I Can Do

Be attentive. A person who stole your keys probably isn’t aware that you’ve changed the locks or gotten a newly programmed key. So, the attempt of breaking into your car is highly possible. Pay attention to suspicious people in your neighborhood or in the parking lots. That’s the way you can help other people to not become a victim.

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