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A Guide To Understanding A Master Key System

Everyone agrees that security is a key. Being a locksmith, we can seriously increase your home or business safety in different ways. But there is one method we like especially, and all our customers who use it give only positive feedback about the advantages they got. We’re speaking about the Master Key System or Master Lock System.

If you’re wondering how to simplify the access and reduce the risk of burglary at the same time, you probably should keep reading. Sure Lock & Key is always here to help, to protect, or to provide you with the information you need!

Screen Door Locks Issues

Traditionally every lock has a unique key. So, if you own a building with lots of rooms, you would have some difficulties with finding the right key when it is needed. Also, your employees will have to carry around huge rings of keys. Moreover, noticing and tracing a lost key would be much harder, every lock replacement will increase the number of existing keys, every new employee will need their own set of keys, every employee who’s quit will need to pass all the keys, and it won’t end. As you can see, a standard lock system will be not only a risk to your business security but also a total mess. But there’s an alternative that can seriously increase safety and spare you stress - Master Key System.
So, what a Master Lock System is? Generally speaking, the Master Key System is a special locking system due to which you can lock and unlock a number of locks using one key or one set of keys. Each set of keys within one Master key system has a different level of access, the ones with the highest level of access can open all the doors, and the ones with limited access only the specific doors. Such a system gives a possibility to control who can enter specific areas, rooms, premises, etc.

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How Many Keys Does A Master Lock System Require?

Keys within the Master Lock System can be designed to unlock rooms of all types such as offices, warehouses, storerooms, staff areas, departments, etc. Managers and senior staff will have keys with the highest level of access while regular workers will have restricted access. And such a state of the affair doesn’t mean you will have to deal with a bigger number of keys. It means you can seriously reduce it. Experience shows that the transition from a huge ring with keys to one key for all locks can be hard for people who are accustomed to their big key sets. For some of them, it can be a symbol of their importance. But experience also shows that once they see that work can be easier and quicker with only one super key, they won’t go back ever again.

What Perks Master Lock System Has?

Control over access
Deciding who can enter specific rooms, you minimize the safety and security risks of your employees. You can plan in detail which part of your building can be restricted to enter, which part has nothing to hide and protect, and which can have easier access. Who of your workers can have more access than others and who will have less. As you can see, all these decisions are up to you completely. Also, you can color keys of different levels of access to make them easier to recognize.
A comfortable number of keys to monitor
Convenience is probably the biggest advantage a Master Lock System can give. Having a key that can open all the doors, you don’t need to carry around a huge set. Moreover, the terrible attempt to find the right key among all which you don’t need at the moment and which are almost similar is in the past. This advantage is especially important for big companies with hundreds of employees.
Decrease the risk of intrusions
Being highly advanced in a specific way, Master Lock Systems are generally more durable and more resistant to criminal tricks. Also, due to the idea of the Master Key System itself, the chances of intrusion or theft are lesser.

Types Of Keys In A Master Lock System

Types of keys in a Master Lock System
The Master Key System increases security and safety by decreasing the number of keys. Being a system, it requires a strict order of keys of special types.
A Master Key
A key that provides access to all the doors in the building. Obviously, the key you have to be especially careful with. Because losing it will mean your business is in danger.
A Sub Master Key
A key with restricted access that opens only specific locks. Some locksmiths call it the change key. So, obviously, like any other key, it requires a caring attitude as well but losing it won’t cause so much trouble.
A Grand Master Key
Such a key can operate within additional Master Key Systems.

What Types Of Locks Do I Need To Get A Master Key System

Master Lock Systems can use a wide range of locks and keys. But locksmiths who install these systems prefer basic pin tumbler locks. The secret is hidden in the pin tumbler lock mechanism itself. In a way, it works like a puzzle. The parts inside the lock must match up with the key, so you can unlock it. If the key has an appropriate level of access, you will use the door.

How Does A Master Keyed Lock Work

To understand how a master lock works we need to know how regular locks work in the first place. So, a regular lock has two sets of pins on the bottom and on the top. When you insert a correct key, the pins change their position, so the cylinder can turn freely. Master keyed locks are equipped with additional sets of pins, so they can be locked/unlocked with different keys. And only some keys have all the grooves to fit each pin.

Master Lock System Installation

Our customers’ security and comfort are our top priority. That’s why every Master Key System installation starts with a previous examination. Then we’re having a conversation with you to map a system that would be the best for you. Then all these details are reconciled, we can start installation itself. After all, our locksmiths start to implement the plan. And in the end you get your keys and calmness.
Sometimes the process may take longer if your building is old or you just want some new locks installed.

How To Maintain Master Key System

Once everything is installed and you’ve got your keys, the only thing you need to do is to be attentive and responsible. Ensure that no key with a high level of access is in the wrong hands. Also, pay attention to your keys and locks condition. If you’ve spotted something strange about them, call your commercial locksmith immediately. Because the Master Key System works as a coherent whole, you have to be particularly careful about each part of it.

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