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How door access control system works

Before installing a device, software or mechanism, you should get as much information as possible. Access control security is vital as the owner must manage access and coordinate the traffic in the entire building. Depending on the type of the system, it may include several parts:

  • Credentials. Information about people who can access the system (IP, passcode, phone number, fingerprints, etc.)
  • Server. A program where you can save and manage access to the credentials. For example, if a person is fired, you can delete their data from the server, including an access grant.
  • The reader. This part scans the data and forms an ID.
  • Control panel. It compares the person's data to the users' list and activates the lock if the credentials match.
  • The door lock. It activates after receiving the signal from the control panel and unlocks the door.
The door access control system will work if all these parts are connected. However, understanding the working principles is only a part of success. To ensure you know how exactly you want to use the access control, you’ll need more information. Sure Lock & Key is ready to help clients not only with services but also with valuable information.

Types of door access control systems

When choosing an access control for a commercial building, an owner may consider several criteria.
These criteria are:
  • Number of entries
  • Size of the deployment
  • Number of users
  • An overall security level
door access control system
We define three main types of commercial door access control systems, and below we will run through each of them and compare the core elements.
Discretionary Access Control. This type of system is for business owners who are well-informed about security policy. You can give all access and control rights to all users. However, if you are not confident in using control systems, you'd better choose something else.
Mandatory Access Control. If you need a high level of security and confidentiality, a MAC is something you can use. Due to its specifics, one person is allowed to control and manipulate access in the whole facility. They become Chief Security Officers.
Role-Based Access Control. Compared to the MAC paradigm, this control system gives each user an assigned role with a specific access level. For example, a Chief Operating Officer can access the whole building while employees from a particular department can access only the space they need for work. A significant advantage of RBAC compared to other door security access control systems is that it's user-friendly and has a central database. Administrators could manage access the way they need by separating the privileges, so the workers can only get to their workspace and neutral spaces (dining room, restroom, etc.).
door access control system

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The benefits of access control systems

Before choosing a non-traditional system, mechanism or gadget, people want to know why exactly it's better. Sometimes people don't want to change familiar things and try something new. However, changes could be positive, and here are some benefits of choosing commercial door access control systems.
  • Simple access. There is no need to place several locks inside the office. The control management option can change the privileges and give your employees a higher access level. If you have swipe card readers access control, all you have to do is reprogram the card or change it.
  • Money saver. You don't need to hire a security guard or place additional locks. ID door access control systems give information about how people move inside the office. Who comes and when. Who leaves and when. Each person who works in your company has their credentials in the database, so you will be protected from unwanted visitors.
  • Trust among employees. Remember that you are protecting your workspace, so you don't need to restrict people's rights. If your colleagues know where and when they can access the office, they won't feel uncomfortable or ask you to give access daily. Make sure you have added information to the server so that the system will recognize the person’s credentials and grant access.
  • Informational security. If you have all the information saved in a single database, you have to make sure that only trusted individuals can access it. Door access control systems allow you to grant access to the department with this database or restrict it if needed.
Experience tells us that people won't stop at one security measure and will try to protect their business with all available options. If you think you need additional security measures, here are some tips on protecting your business from theft.

Why are access control systems better than keys

Good old mechanical keys could still symbolize reliability for most commercial employees and business owners. When changes come, it's always uncomfortable to get used to new things. However, these changes are not bad, and we can prove it by giving some reasons why access control security is better than traditional locks and keys.
The main problem with the mechanical keys is that they could be lost or stolen. It could be highly uncomfortable if you come to the office and realize that you don't have the key in its place. You need to call your colleague, ask them to let you in and think about getting a new key.
Here is a short guide on carrying keys, but where is the guarantee that it will work? With access control, it gets much easier to enter the building. For example, with a keypad reader, all you need to do is to enter the pin code to open the door. A biometric door reader requires a person's biometric (eye scan, fingerprint, or voice recognition) to get into the building.
access control
Moreover, hacking and getting inside the access control system is much more complicated. However, even if you have troubles with the security system, you can resolve them by calling a commercial locksmith.
access control

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Summing up

As you can see, the door access control systems are not complicated. They allow users to adapt and manage access quickly. Moreover, it's much easier to prevent the system from breakout or intruders from breaking in. However, to achieve the desired effect from those mechanisms, you must perform a proper installation. It may be problematic if you don't have the required skills and knowledge, so it's better to get professional help. Sure Lock & Key might be an excellent option here! Locksmith and security-related questions are our bread and butter, and our technicians are ready to assist you 24/7. Whether it's rain or sunshine, you can rely on us. Have trouble with door security access control systems? Give us a call.

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