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Every business owner wants their offices to be safe at all times. Thieves have improved their knowledge of traditional locks and how to unlock them. The Locksmith and Security industry on the other hand, has countered with the development of access control systems. This system is used to give you a much greater, all inclusive method of protection. It also presents a new level of ease, convenience, as well as a more complete inner sense of protection. An access control and key system is many times harder to crack, so it will prevent a thief from breaching the entrance and entering inside. It also works as a secondary security system in that if someone does gain access from the outside he is still preempted from entering individual offices.

In this blog post, we will present the reasons why an access control system fits the needs of one whose priority is to make your business safe. Sure Lock & Key has gathered and will present you all the pertinent information needed to assist you in your decision making progress. Let’s take a quick look.

What Is An Access Control System

The system’s owners typically use an identifier such as an access card or fob to authorize workers to enter certain areas. However, there are other options to cards that offer higher levels of security
Each identification method has pros and cons, so what to choose depends on your personal needs and decisions depending upon the office being used. The system is usually installed at office entrances, room doors, and elevators. The access control system works pretty simply: only people who have the access card or key fob can go through the access control system. It also simplifies the lives of your employees, as they no longer have to carry key sets to enter the office.
  • PIN or password
  • Biometric identifiers such as your fingerprint
smart lock for a glass door
smart lock for a glass door

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Secure Your Business With An Access Control System

Access control systems are easy to use, and most workers have no difficulty using key cards and fobs. Depending on the type of readers, the system allows users to see when and who used their key cards at specific entry points. You decide who gets access to any specific entry point? You also have the additional security of identifying a person before giving them access to your office.
Sometimes it unfortunately happens that you have to fire your worker. By using the access control system, you can deactivate that card. If you do not have an access control system you will be changing the lock and all employees` keys, because you really don’t know what keys your former employee has obtained during his employment.

Benefits Of A Access Control System

Using an access control system, you get the chance to overcome some common issues. Here are some benefits of using the system.
There is an advantage in case someone loses the key. Instead of changing your locks, you can simply deactivate the card and assign a new one.
Due to the access control system, you may set specific access for dates and hours to certain people or even for specific doors in your office.
An access control system allows you to get door access history. You can track who comes and leaves the office. In a situation where theft occurs, you will be able to see who was there at that time.
Another benefit of access control is that there is no need to track keys. You just update each card access with your employees` needs. Key cards or key fobs are usually small and fit into a pocket or wallet.
magnetic card key for a lock
If you decide to install an access control system, give us a call. That’s what we are here for. Our skilled, experienced and licensed technicians will answer any and all of your inquiries.
magnetic card key for a lock

Problems Presented By Using Mechanical Keys

Using mechanical keys may be the simplest method but they are the least safe method to get inside your office. There are some drawbacks in using keys. We have presented some of them below. Your workers can lose keys. If it happens and someone loses their keys, you need to replace the lock to ensure that no one will use it and gain access.
You can’t get an access control history, so you won’t see when and who entered your office.
If there are lots of rooms in your office, workers will need a large number of keys. This is simply challenginand time consuming because its hard to remember which key is used for which door.

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