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History And Timeline Of Home Security Systems

Today more and more people are getting home security systems. This is a great solution to reducing stress and anxiety about something dangerous that could go wrong while you’re out or even while you're home. Especially when you or members of your family are sleeping. However, the concept isn’t new. It only had a little bit of rethink that was quickly supplemented by new and imaginative ideas. Let’s concisely check where and how it started and where it’s going. Being leading professionals, Sure Lock & Key is ready to provide you with all the possible information about home security systems you may be interested in.

The Early History Of Home Security Systems

The history of home security systems starts in the early 18th century. A dog was the only security measurement people could have until that time. An English inventor Tildesley developed the first intrusion door alarm. He linked a set of chimes to a door lock. Besides this invention, there were others, but none were similar to modern systems. Mr. Tildesley’s system was the first step in home security advancement and you can say he made it possible for today’s highly advanced security systems.
In 1853, American inventor Augustus Russel Pope created an electro-magnetic, alarm system prototype. It was battery-powered and activated when a window or door was opened due to an electrical circuit closing/opening. This system was equipped with a hammer that struck a brass bell. The mechanism kept a hammer striking after the door or window was closed. Later, Pope’s invention was bought by Edwin Holmes, who founded the world’s first electrical alarm system company. His idea to connect his customers’ systems through the New York City telegraph system to a central station significantly impacted the further development and the concept of a home security system. This idea was developed by Edward A. Calahan, who helped to create the American District Telegraph in 1871. That was the alarm system that could alert homeowners, police, and fire services.
girl uses a home security system
girl uses a home security system

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance was the next step. Even though this technology has existed since the 1940s, it became popular only in the 1970s. That was when a home security system became similar to what we are familiar with today. In 1966, nurse Marie Van Brittan Brown along with her husband Albert Brown invented the first video home security system. A year later, they were granted a patent for their innovation. That was the first security system equipped with a remote control to open a door.
At the same time, fire alarm technology was developed. Its popularity grew very quickly since scientific research proved that smoke detectors reduce the fatality risk by close to 50%.
The first systems weren’t so popular simply because of their price. Only 20 years later, as they became more affordable did home security systems and usage become mainstream. Today, the market is filled with products for every budget, from highly professional to do-it-yourself systems.

Home Security System With Sure Lock & Key

Sure Lock & Key is a company founded by four brothers with more than 35 years of experience. We specialize in all security related services including residential, automotive, and commercial services. We have been Blessed in expanding coast to coast and our strong work ethic complimented by our client loyalty have allowed us to become one of the leaders in the industry. With this in mind we ask you to please review our customer comments and if you feel comfortable with it then we ask you to entrust us with your home security system installation. We will gladly guide you through the process, assist you and recommend the best options to keep you and your family truly safe. Lastly, we would like to add that we, of course, understand that the cost of the system and its installation is a major consideration. We therefore would like you to know that our pricing is part of our work ethic and is always derived using a fair and affordable price schedule.
monitoring flat by security system
monitoring flat by security system

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