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Home Security Systems advantages

Consider investing some money in your house’s security? Thinking about a security system installation? Being a highly important and crucial part of everybody’s life, safety is still a complicated theme that raises many questions. Sure Lock & Key always wants to help you better understand the specific features of the services, so let’s find out some details about the security systems installation, and figure out if it is definitely worth it!

What are security systems?

Being a system of electronic components that work together to protect your home, a security system sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in. These systems can guard your property against a wide range of threats, such as crime, fire, accidents, and others.

Different security systems include various equipment, such as door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, key fobs, smoke detectors, indoor security cameras, etc. Security cameras are one of the most popular types of security nowadays. They can be added to a professional security system or work as a cheaper alternative.


Why do you need a security system?

The main purpose of security systems is home protection and family safety. These systems can do much more than just deter burglars - they keep you linked to your home no matter where you are right now. They will let you know if the door is opened or closed, and if you have a security camera that is attached to your phone, you can watch online what is going on around your house (most smart home security systems even have a mobile app. In this way you can control everything on the spot just using your smartphone).

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How to know if the security system is worth it?

It is essential to fully understand your security goals to answer whether the security system is worth it. To know precisely if you need a security system, you should start by asking yourself and your family whether you would use it and would it be useful for you. If your goal is to reduce loss from burglary, you should know that the average loss is approximately $2,000 less than in a home without protection.

If you still doubt, you don’t have to buy a professional security system, you can start with a simple DIY home security system (to install the equipment you need yourself and a little bit of time for monitoring it). Or you can use old security system equipment that might be in your house and connect it to your smartphone (to monitor it yourself), or connect it to monitoring from a professional security company.


Security system cost

If you ask about the security system cost to evaluate the investment, you should know that the price always depends on a lot of different factors, such as the type of the system, equipment, installation specific, and others. It also depends on the services, their features, and levels of monitoring you will select. The average cost can range from $250 and more than $1,000. Also, you should take into consideration that every locksmith company sets its own prices for the security systems. The price will be based on the specifics of the requested service, hour, service area, and emergency.

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