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Importance Of Timely Screen Door Lock Replacement

One may think that since a screen door is designed to protect a home from insects, it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t close properly. But does this make sense ? Sure Lock & Key is a locksmith company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. So believe us, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A double lock can sometimes be very persuasive in making a burglar, think twice! So don’t underestimate your screen door and its role in your safety. Let’s find out why it’s crucial to have a fully functional lock even though it’s only a screen door.

Screen Door Locks Issues

Not considering your screen door functionality as something meaningful is certainly a mistake. If a door, any door, doesn’t close properly, it means it’s broken. Also, it means that your security is more vulnerable. It is therefore advisable that you do what you can to resolve the problem as soon as you can. A screen door is an additional security measurement. You can live the rest of your life without one or you can invest in the additional safety it affords along with the added bonus of aesthetic enhancement. Besides, let's not forget the original purpose. Insects. Which, for some of us, may be the most compelling reason to have a properly working screen door in the first place. So if you choose to go with maximizing your front door safety potential by getting a new one or repairing the malfunctioning one, remember such a door will control the flow of visitors. Also, very importantly, it allows you to communicate with strangers at a safe distance without letting unwanted visitors in.
So, what can go wrong with a screen door? First of all, it can just refuse to be locked. The cause could be a lock that malfunctions or a foundation issue or the door itself. It is therefore a smart move to check the whole door to ensure that a lock replacement is what you need. Also you should check for any uneven parts or something that is or potentially can block the lock.
A screen door can break due to weather changes being the first line of defense. Wood can expand because of high humidity or decline because of high temperatures. As you can see, a screen door also protects your main door from being damaged by weather conditions. In such a situation, the best solution is to get a new screen door, because most likely the things will only get worse. Plastic screen doors aren’t exposed to the impact of weather conditions so severely. Bright and direct sunlight will change their color but most likely won’t damage their functionality.
If, after careful examination, you figure out that you’re experiencing troubles with locking because the door needs alignment, then you can try to move the strike plate on the door jamb a little bit up or down.
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Moreover, weather changes can impact locks too. For example, if your lock is sticking all the time, it’s more likely for the same reason. Once again, a screen door is a good protection for your front door.
Now, when you’re sure that it’s the lock that is the issue, let’s handle it. Obviously, you can install a whole new lock or replace only the broken parts. Your residential locksmith will assist you and suggest what is best in the current situation.
locksmith tries to pick a lock

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Screen Door Lock Replacement

Calling us for screen door replacement, people usually ask us for the best possible and the most secure lock or the cheapest one just to make a vision of protection. However, the things here are more straightforward than you may think. The type of lock you need is the type you already have. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and get an expensive leading-edge lock. The leading role in your safety always plays your front door, and the screen door plays only a supporting role. Moreover, in most cases, screen doors aren’t designed to be equipped with high-security locks in the first place. The right locksmith will recommend the best possible for your door type lock.

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