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How To Change Locks On The New House Doors

Just moved to a new house? Thinking about the need of changing door locks? Sure Lock & Key, as always, want to be useful and helpful, so our highly qualified technicians will share professional information about moving tips with you in this blog post. Keep reading!

There are lots of things on your to-do list when you are moving to a new house: unpacking, having a housewarming, buying a new “welcome home” carpet, and, of course, changing old locks. Security should be a number one priority for everybody while moving to a new house. So, you definitely should gather more information from locksmiths about what you must do after moving to a new house.

Why Should You Change Old Locks

For the safety and peace of mind
Because you never know well who has the key to your house. Also, you can’t be sure about the morality of the ex-owners of your house and if they shared keys with other people.
You want to install the master key system
Yes, changing all locks is a great possibility to install the master key system and get access to every door in your house using only one key.
You want to install high-security locks
Yes, if you can make your home much safer by installing high-security locks that will guard you, your house, and your assets.
old lock with skeleton key
old lock with skeleton key

Need more information?

What Will You Need To Do It

If you like DIY home projects, you definitely know that you should start by gathering all of the necessary supplies. Good news! You need only three things, two of which you already have in your toolkit.
New locks
The most important thing in lock changing is purchasing new locks for your house. You should buy a new lock for every door you want to rekey. But attention! Spend some time searching for good locks and spend some money on buying high-security locks. If you don’t want to do this, you can always buy the lock of the same manufacturer, make, and model as your old lock. This will also help you to be sure that you choose the right variant.
Measuring tape
Before going to the hardware store you should measure door locks to choose the proper one. Most of the deadbolts are adjustable, but remember “measure seven times, cut once”.
After buying new locks, look at them to determine what tools you will need. Depending on the screws in your new deadbolt, you may need a specific type of screwdriver.

Easy Steps How To Change Locks

Now, when you know all the information and have all the proper supplies, you can start lock replacement. And we have a step-by-step quick guide for you!
Step 1. Old deadbolt lock and hardware removal.
This part is really easy. All you have to do is to remove the screws on the interior side of the lock. You should have a hole through which you can see. Open your door and remove the screws inside the door on the narrow part running along. After that, you can remove the rest of the deadbolt hardware from your door.
Step 2. New deadbolt inserting.
This step is also quite simple. Just take your new deadbolt hardware and install it on the previous position (most deadbolts require to up them to find the best position). Always use provided mounting hardware in your deadbolt assembly kit.
metal key in the lock
Step 3. New lock inserting.
Deadbolts have slots where you can fit in the locking part and the turning part of your new lock. Get together the pieces and secure them with the screws (you will find them in the deadbolt assembly kit).
Step 4. Test.
This step is very important! Always test the lock after changing it. It’s really easy - just make sure that you can lock and unlock the door with the key (from an interior and exterior side).
And that’s it! Now you know all the details! If you follow our recommendations accurately, you will definitely change all your locks successfully.
metal key in the lock

Situations When You Need To Call For Professional Help

So, now you can see that lock replacement is actually not that difficult. But there are lots of situations when it would be better to call a professional locksmith company that can solve this issue more effortlessly and more effectively. Let’s discuss some of them!
If you are not confident in your skills
It’s better to be safe than sorry! When it comes to house security it’s better to call a professional locksmith company for lock replacement and be sure that you, your family, and your house are safe.
If your house is old.
Every locksmith issue with the vintage lock is really difficult. So if you just moved into an old house, call a locksmith to deal with a non-standard deadbolt.
If you want to get a master key system.
Want to open all the doors in your house with one key? You need a master key system. If you wanted to install a master key system but are always delayed, it's high time to do it!

How Much Does Lock Replacement Cost

If you need a lock replacement, you want to know the average prices. Depending on the quality of the lock itself, prices for deadbolts locks are around $25 to $250. If you are looking for a professional lock replacement, expect to spend about $50 to $90 for installation. Always remember that this service in your case may cost more (the price depends also on the type of lock, service area, and emergency). If you have any questions, check our blog post about how much a locksmith costs or call us anytime you need help.

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