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Do home security cameras prevent crime

If you have been the victim of a burglary in the past or want an extra layer of protection for your home, you might want to consider investing in a reliable home security system. However, which one should you choose and what kind is the best option – cameras, alarms, or maybe a smart lock?

If you've ever been in a busy store or walked down a busy street, you've probably noticed the security cameras strategically placed around the area. More and more people choose to install cameras, as they are proven to increase safety.

Purchasing a home security camera is a great investment for your security and well-being, but have you ever wondered if these surveillance cameras work to deter crime and bring criminals to justice? We'll discuss that in our article below to help you understand more.

Do Security Cameras Deter Crime

While it is clear that surveillance cameras cannot prevent all crimes from happening, most academic research shows that they reduce and deter crime. Most burglars are opportunists who usually try to avoid sophisticated break-ins. A security camera makes it difficult and much riskier to break into a home. The presence of outdoor video surveillance itself is a powerful burglar deterrent. Often, potential intruders won’t even consider entering your home if they see the cameras. That is why some people choose to use fake surveillance cameras. However, fake security cameras are not always a reliable option. They create the illusion of protection but provide no real security. If potential burglars realize that they are fake, it could also encourage them to damage your home. That’s why investing in a real security camera is always a safer option.
As we have already mentioned, surveillance cameras deter burglars, so it’s safe to say that they have a big impact on crime rates. A study based on 30 years of evaluation found that surveillance cameras led to a noticeable decrease in crime. Crime decreased by 15 percent in neighborhoods where surveillance cameras were installed.
Security cameras discourage most thieves who have any common sense. The average thief looks for things that are easy to steal and easy to pawn because they don’t want to get caught. So, they’re more likely to choose a house without cameras.
security cameras
Also, most security cameras are equipped with movement detectors. You can connect the system to your phone so that every time someone is in the area of your surveillance cameras, you’ll receive a notification.
Another good option to deter burglars is to combine your cameras with an alarm system. If the cameras don’t stop the thief, the loud noise may very well.
So, it would be a wise decision to make your home safer by using professional security services to install the security system you decide upon.
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Should You Hide Your Security Camera

Visible security cameras deter crime. In most cases, if burglars see a house equipped with cameras, they decide to avoid it. However, putting your cameras where everyone can see them also has some disadvantages. Some burglars might try to break them or hack them to enter your property. To avoid that from happening you can conceal them. If you want to hide your security camera system, there are some rules you need to be aware of first. You can purchase smaller form factor security cameras, install them in inconspicuous locations, or blend them into the design of your home exterior.
When installing security cameras, especially outdoor cameras, the most important part is choosing the location. The following is a list suggesting some hidden outdoor camera ideas. Here are the most common spots.
  • A fake rock
  • Plant
  • Lawn decor
  • A birdhouse
  • A bird feeder
However, if you don't want to hide your home security camera, you can also consider painting it the same color as your home exterior for camouflage.

How to boost the effectiveness of security cameras

Many people believe that the bigger, the better. In this case, a comprehensive home security camera system is always better and more effective than just an alarm or just security cameras.
Night vision: Ensure that your cameras have good night vision. If they do not have lamps that provide color night vision, security cameras must have infrared LED sensors to produce a clear image in the dark.
Visibility: It may seem pretty obvious, but when your cameras are visible, most criminals won’t even consider breaking into your house.
Lights: It’s essential to have proper lighting around your house. You might want to install lighting that reacts to motion so that it will work every time someone moves towards your property.
security system
Sirens and voices: Loud sirens are another strong crime deterrent, as they tend to scare off the intruder.
Durability: It’s important to ensure that your cameras can withstand any weather conditions.
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Which security camera is better

Here are our recommendations for the top 3 best home security cameras
  • Anker Eufycam 2
In the huge world of home security cameras, the Anker Eufycam 2 is a reliable mid-range option at an affordable price. While it doesn’t have the highest resolution recording or color night vision, for most people, this home security camera is the best cost-effective option.
  • Arlo Ultra 2
Looking for a home security system with a camera that ensures the smallest details are visible in the footage, even if the camera has a large area in its field of view? The Arlo Ultra 2, which records in 4K, offers just that and is great for properties with a big area. This camera will allow you to see small details even from a great distance, such as a driveway view, so you can read a car’s license plate on the road.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In
The Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In is a Wi-Fi camera that comes with a long, weather-resistant power cord but can also run on battery power. It delivers crisp 1080p video with a 130-degree wide field of view and clear two-way audio. The optional Ring Protect Basic package lets you store recordings for 60 days and provides people with alerts, video saving, and smartphone notifications with enlarged thumbnails.

Summing up

Surveillance cameras are designed to keep criminals from trespassing on your property. They work by the same principle as public safety cameras, which have been proven to reduce crime in many neighborhoods.
Surveillance cameras also record the evidence of a crime, which is something every potential criminal wants to avoid. Just the presence of a surveillance camera is enough to deter most criminals from taking a chance at breaking in. That is why we strongly recommend installing them in every house.
Sure Lock & Key is ready to help you with that. We have over three decades of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry and are available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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