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How to install a floor safe

Are you looking for ways to secure your valuables? Sometimes even the best locks can’t keep the burglar out of your property. In cases like that, it’s important to provide extra security for the most precious items you have. More and more people choose to use safes for that purpose. Once one has decided that a safe is a necessary purchase the next step is to review then decide which type of safe is the best for your particular need? As you are searching different types of safes you will also find in-floor safes. This type of safe is in a way the king of safes. It may be the safest, largest and most protected of all the safes. If this sounds like the type of protection you are seeking then this safe is the perfect option for you. In-floor safes are almost impossible to find and extremely hard to break, being protected from all directions but one. These safes come in different shapes and sizes, so you can hide anything from documents to musical instruments. If you want to find out more about safes and how to install them, Sure Lock & Key is ready to help. After all this is what we do and we love what we do. So first let’s learn more about floor safes… Let’s dive in!

High security of floor safes

If you are still wondering why you should invest in a safe. The answer is pretty simple – safes provide a very large additional layer of security. So, even if someone breaks into your place, you can feel assured regarding the safety of your most valuable assets. There are different types of safes to choose from. A logical reason to choose an under-floor safe is because it fits your needs due to its advantages in terms of security. Its name speaks for itself. It is located under your floor surface. So, that means it is hidden from human eyes.
It’s hard to steal something from a place that you don’t even know exists. Also, an in-floor safe requires a lot of effort to break because most of its body is hidden and can’t be damaged. If the safes are installed in a concrete foundation, it will also provide perfect fire protection. Another advantage of in-floor safes is that they can’t be moved. So, the burglar won’t be able to take it.
Besides security, this type of safe has other advantages. It comes in different sizes. So, if you don’t have much space at home, you may choose a small floor safe and place it anywhere.
floor safe with it`s keys
If you need a lot of storage for your valuables but don’t want to use up your living space or you don’t want to see a bulky metallic box in the middle of your room, the best option would be to install a large floor safe.
floor safe with it`s keys

Preparation for safe installation

If you are curious about how to install a floor safe, there are a few steps you need to follow.
First of all, you have to decide on the type of safe you want to use. Your first option is a traditional key safe. Those safes are easy to use and they can last for years without any maintenance. The only problem you might face is losing or breaking your keys. If that kind of issue arises, you would be wise to use Safe locksmith services.
If you are a technology lover, electronic locking safes may be the best option for you. To open them, you’ll need to enter a combination on a keypad and if it’s correct, the mechanisms will start moving and the door opens. This lock provides a high level of security. It can notify you if someone is trying to open your safe. Also, it disables the lock after a certain amount of incorrect combinations were entered. Another big advantage is that they can’t be picked because there’s no keyhole.
When you have chosen your safe, it’s time to decide where to put it. Some of the best locations you might want to consider are under the stairs, under your bed, in your clothes closet, in your garage, etc. It’s also great to cover it with a carpet or to place some piece of furniture over it.
Before the installation, it’s better to check if there are no pipes underneath. If you are unsure whether your chosen place is suitable, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for advice. After finishing that, it’s time to dig into the surface.
Installing an in-floor safe by yourself might be a pretty complicated task, especially if you have no tools and equipment and you are not really sure about the right spot to place it. Even though the installation might cause you a headache and take some time, an in-floor safe is still an investment you may be extremely happy with for many years into the future. If you are not almost 100 % confident in your installation skills it would be wise to ask for assistance from an expert to ensure a high quality installation.

Safe installation DIY

If you decide to save money and install the safe yourself, here is a little guide you might find useful.
  • Protect your safe from any kind of damage the installation process may cause. Find something to cover it with so it won’t get all dusted and scratched.
  • Be sure to measure everything up. Put some marks on the floor where you decided to install your safe.
  • Make some holes in the safe so it will be easier to mount it.
  • Now it’s time to cut out the space for your safe. Pick a tool that is the most convenient for you. You may use a hammer drill, rotary hammer, jackhammer, etc. After you choose the instrument, start digging.
  • Put your safe box in the hole to see if it fits in. The doors should be on the same level as the floor. Make sure to leave some extra space for the concrete on the sides.
opened floor safe
Hopefully, this little guide was helpful. If you need safe locksmith services or have any questions, call Sure Lock & Key. We’re always ready to help!
  • After the fitting, drill some holes in the floor for mounting. Then clean everything out, all the dust and broken or unnecessary pieces of concrete. Put the safe inside and make sure it’s in the center. Now mount your safe with some bolts.
  • Your safe is inside and now it’s time for the final touches. Start filling all of the empty spaces with concrete. After you’re done, leave it to sit for 48 hours so that it can solidify.
opened floor safe

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Summing up

Today there are so many ways to make your life more secure. One of the best options to protect your valuables is a safe. There are a variety of safes to choose from. A lot of people prefer the in-floor ones. They are almost invisible and have a high level of security. When choosing your safe, it’s crucial to understand how to prepare it for the installation. Choose the best location, protect your safe from any damage and start the process. You may do it yourself by following a few simple steps we presented, or you can always ask a professional for help.
Regarding any following safe locksmith issues, feel free to contact Sure Lock & Key. We’re always here for you!

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