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Common car lock issues

Every car owner knows that buying a car comes with both convenience and some car lock and key issues you might have to deal with. There's no need to worry about them before they actually occur, but it's worth keeping the number of a reliable car locksmith. Some of these issues can be solved quickly, and some can be predicted or detected at an annual technical inspection. Sure Lock & Key has collected some of the most common requests our car locksmiths respond to. You can find these problems and their solutions below.

Wiring is faulty

Faulty electrical wiring is one of the most common car lock issues. How can it be detected? If you've tried opening and closing the doors several times and failed, your electrical system wiring is likely damaged. Wiring issues are difficult or almost impossible to resolve independently, so the wisest decision you can make is to immediately bring your car to a technician. A professional can easily replace your wiring to ensure your car doors are functional and secure.

Issues with the key fob

A key fob malfunction is another common problem. If you are trying to open your car door and nothing happens, it might be a sign something is wrong with the fob. It can either be discharged batteries or something more serious. If you replaced the batteries and it didn't help, you might have to bring your key fob to a car dealer or an automotive locksmith. The specialist will connect it to a computer and check if the signal is correct. If the signal is not sent, the key fob will be reprogrammed or replaced completely, depending on the damage.
change key fob battery
change key fob battery

Key fob battery issue

A dead car key fob battery is a common problem everyone can face. When your battery is low, you cannot use any remote functions of your car. How can you tell when the battery is low? Sometimes you will notice it when you need to get closer to open or close the car, but in most cases, it will not be noticeable. Therefore, to prevent a dead battery at the most unpredictable moment, replacing it with a new one once a year during routine maintenance is necessary.

Frozen car lock

This problem can arise in winter when the outdoor temperature drops below zero. How can you deal with it? Consider getting a silicone spray if you don't want to get locked out of your house because your lock is completely frozen. It is a product that should be applied to locks every few weeks. It will help your locks stay resistant to even the coldest weather.
frozen car door
frozen car door

A fuse is blown

A fuse is necessary to prevent excessive current levels from flowing in the vehicle. How can I tell if a fuse is blown? If one door works and the other doesn't, it's most likely the fuse is the problem. You may easily check this before calling a technician. Usually, the instruction manual indicates where the fuse box is located. Most are located behind a plastic panel in the driver's footwell. Next, read which one is responsible for the car door and find it. It has a gap that differentiates it from all the other ones. Then, when you realize that this is the problem, you may call a technician to replace it with another one with the same current.

The lock is worn or damaged

If the lock is damaged, the car doors will not lock and unlock properly. This issue
usually occurs if burglars have tampered with your car's locks. However, locks, like any other hardware, wear out occasionally. In both situations, the best decision you can make is to replace the lock. In cases like that, it is better to contact a professional locksmith, as they can identify the problem and resolve it quickly.

Summing Up

It doesn't matter which of the above issues you have - knowing how to solve them is more important. Sure Lock & Key can help you resolve each of these problems. Our company provides all kinds of automotive locksmith services. With us, you don't have to worry about whether your lock is broken or your key fob battery is dead. Entrust it to us, and we assure you that we will do the job at the highest level and at an affordable price.

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