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How can I protect my keyless car keys

A remote key for the car is slowly taking over the classic mechanical key, especially when it comes to newer car models. With this device, you can lock and unlock the vehicle remotely, mute the alarm and start the engine. This key synchronizes with the car’s system, and when you push the button, the device sends a signal on a radio frequency. These keys provide your car with a high level of security. However, they require some care to protect them. There’s always the possibility of someone stealing your key or hacking it. That’s why it’s essential to think ahead and find reliable information that you can use to protect your car keys. Why not ask a professional? Sure Lock & Key helps customers not only with services but also with security tips. So, let’s look at some ways to secure your remote keys for the car.

How secure are remote car keys

Car keys with remote control are considered to be one of the most secure options. Some of these remote systems can be connected to your phone, which will allow you to track your vehicle and perform different actions through your smartphone. However, like any other technology, this type of key can be vulnerable to hacker attacks. Some thieves use special devices to pick up a signal and duplicate it. Once they get the proper frequency, theft becomes much easier. However, to do this, criminals have to stay close to the keys’ location and ensure the device is on.
Also, there is always the possibility of someone stealing your car key. People who are concerned about how to protect the keyless key against theft on a suitcase need to be cautious, especially in crowded places. Thieves are generally in crowded places like railway stations, airports, or parking lots so that nobody notices them. That’s why it’s essential always to keep track of your keys.

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Are digital car keys secure

A digital car key allows you to operate your vehicle without the actual key. You can control your car by using an application on your smartphone. Most digital keys are user-friendly, allowing you to quickly understand how the system works and get used to it.
Are these keys secure? We can’t guarantee that something is 100% secure, however, digital keys may provide the closest thing to it. The only problem you might face with these keys is a hacker attack. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can avoid that situation. Keep reading to learn more.
car key
car key

How to protect keyless car keys – tips from the locksmith

You definitely don’t want to experience someone stealing your car or hacking your devices. That’s why being proactive is vital. We gathered together some simple tips that may help you to avoid trouble.
  • Turn off your devices. Hacking car keys with remote control won’t be successful if thieves don’t have a signal to track. Turning your keys off leaves criminals no chance to implement their plans.
  • Keep your car keys in the same place. How often do we think we lost our keys only to find them in the wrong pocket? It’s a common problem that makes people panic, think about the worst possible scenarios, and imagine them spending hundreds of dollars on new keys. The remote key for the car is quite compact and can be placed in a pocket, bag, key pouch, or anywhere else you choose.
  • Keep your keys somewhere away from entry points. Choosing a place to keep your car keys at home, ensure that it’s not near your front door, back door, or windows. Stolen remote car keys are not something you want to deal with, so don’t leave intruders a chance to get to your keys. Also, if you think your home might be an easy target, consider making your property safer by adding security measures, like cameras, alarms, etc.

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Can thieves unlock your car remotely

As the security industry develops, thieves come up with new methods to bypass all the security measures we take. So, even though keyless entry is highly secure, there are still some risks.
The most common way thieves could unlock your car is to relay the signal. Using wireless transmitters, criminals (they usually work in pairs) capture the original signal and relay it to the vehicle. As we mentioned above, they can do this only if you don't block the signal or make it disappear by turning the device off. If you feel something does not feel right, it is time to use automotive locksmith services. Licensed and skilled technicians will help you reprogram your keys.
keyless car key
keyless car key

Summing up

Owners are fully responsible for their cars, and it’s their responsibility to protect their vehicles from criminals. However, sometimes bad things can happen despite taking all the preventive measures. For example, what should you do if your key breaks or you lose it? There’s nothing to worry about if you call a professional who can help you. That’s why having a local locksmith you can count on is an intelligent solution. Sure Lock & Key is ready to help you anytime. Each member of our team is fully trained and skilled in all aspects of locksmithing and security. We serve our clients 24 hours a day throughout the year to keep them safe. Having trouble with your car keys? Call us!

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