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How to avoid car theft

Finding out your car is stolen can be very stressful and disappointing. Just imagine the situation – you are returning to your car in the parking lot with your hands filled with grocery packs and find out your car is not on the spot. You anxiously start looking for your vehicle but cannot find it anyway and suddenly realize it is stolen. Feels like a real disaster? Definitely, it is. Even though nowadays the market is filled up with different modern devices to upgrade car security and today's car theft level is lower in comparison to the previous decade, it is still one of the most fundamental problems for all car owners. How to make your car more protected and inaccessible to thieves? We have collected useful yet simple tips on how to achieve it.

Always lock your vehicle

This may seem obvious, but you cannot even imagine how often drivers forget to lock the cars they use. It can be explained in many ways – rush, busyness or simple forgetfulness. However, locking your car is the first and easiest measure you can take to avoid car theft or at least make it not so simple to steal. Even though you leave your car in the parking lot, in the point of view of your neighbors or park it in observance of a CCTV camera, it is not advisable to keep your car unlocked. We also do not recommend keeping your car key in your vehicle, as it can be easily reached by thieves.
thief tries to open car
thief tries to open car

Park responsibly

Choosing the right spot for parking is also one more important aspect of how to prevent car theft. That's how leaving your vehicle in a well-lit place or a private parking lot can make it less attractive to thieves. It is also quite reasonable to use your garage when you leave your car overnight, as this time of the day is the most suitable for burglars to remain unnoticeable. Installing additional light or motion sensors in your yard will also reduce the possibility of car theft.
Anyway, sometimes there are conditions when leaving your car in public or poorly lit places that cannot be omitted, so here are a few tips on how to make your car more protected.
  • Park your car near the building's entry.
  • Avoid leaving your car in empty parking lot spots.
  • Make sure your car is under the sight of a CCTV camera.

Install an alarm system

Installing a car alarm system will also definitely improve your car's safety. Although some car models are most frequently supplied with the alarm system, most older samples may not have them. That's why it is very advisable to check whether your vehicle has it, and if not, installing it will definitely upgrade the car's protectiveness. Thanks to the alarm system, you will be notified with a loud and continuous sound if the intruder tries to open your vehicle. In addition, the loud noise can also scare away a thief and make his attempt to steal your car noticeable to passers or neighbors.
If you need assistance installing an alarm system for your vehicle, Sure Lock & Key is here to help! Give us a call and have the required service right away!

Get a steering wheel lock

If you are looking for an effective way to secure your car from theft but do not want to overpay, a steering wheel lock is a perfect option. This budget-friendly device will definitely make the thief think twice. The mechanism of the steering wheel lock is that it hooks onto your car's steering wheel and locks with a key. In its turn, if someone tries to turn the wheels, the long arm of the device bumps into the windshield or console. Yet, nowadays, thieves have caught on to how to deal with the steering wheel lock. Additionally, it is advisable to install extra safety devices to make your car even more protected from thefts.

Keep valuables out of sight

Although it is better not to keep your valuables in the car, we know that sometimes there is no option. That's why hiding the important items out of sight is the best solution you may take in this case. To do this, put your valuables under the seats, in the center console or in other car compartments. You may also use places that are not as common, like air vents or extra wheel areas, to hide your laptop, mobile phone, keys or other important items. Additionally, you can include your creativity and disguise your valuables as something else. Still, if you need more detailed info on where is a good place to hide something in the car, please, read our blog post.

Summing up

Car theft is definitely one of those things that every car owner wants to avoid. That's how responsible parking and taking security measures can make your vehicle a hard-reaching spot for any thief. Fortunately, the modern security market is also filled with a huge variety of different devices that can upgrade the protectiveness of your car to a brand-new level. Want to install a modern alarm system with a proven steering wheel lock? Sure Lock & Key offers a full spectrum of automotive locksmith services to fulfill any of your needs!

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