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Are keypad locks worth it

If you open many doors every single day, you probably hate taking a bunch of keys with you everywhere. Maybe you’ve even been considering changing your locks to keyless entry systems for the last few months. However, there are many types of them, and you might not be sure which one to choose. A keypad lock is an option where practical convenience and affordable price match perfectly. What about security? You might still doubt whether it is safe to lock and unlock a door without a physical key or whether your new lock won’t become an easy target for intruders.

We at Sure Lock & Key are here to shed some light on this topic so that you can get the answers and make the right decision for you. We welcome you to read the following if you want to know more about keypad locks.

Benefits of keypad locks

Before purchasing and installing a keypad lock, a wise decision would be to consider its strengths and weak points. So, we highlighted the advantages below. Read it, analyze it, and it’s only up to you to decide whether to install one.
  • Convenience and time-saving. As we mentioned above, this type of entry system doesn’t require a key, and that gives you almost unlimited opportunities. First, you are free of the burden of carrying a bunch of keys with you, taking up space in your purse or pocket. Instead, entering a code combination is all you need to open your front door. It’s so easy! The second benefit in favor of installing the keypad lock will be valuable for parents. Dear parents, do you remember at least one situation your child has been locked out of the house due to forgotten keys? A keypad lock solves this problem and will be easier to operate for your kids.
  • Higher level of security. Unlike the unpopular beliefs of some people doubting the effectiveness of keypad locks, they are proven to secure your entrance better than regular locks. Why? The first reason is they’re impossible to be picked as they don’t have a keyhole. One more reason is that there is no chance a burglar can accidentally guess your four- or six-digit code. Of course, if you haven’t set a password of six identical numbers. That means that most robbers avoid these locks, as they’re not capable of opening them.
  • Smart investment. If you look at digital lock prices with a sight of sadness, don’t be discouraged. Take it not like money spending, but like a wise investment. Why? A digital lock will significantly increase the price of your property in case you want to sell it in the future. Tech-friendly houses are in demand, and they usually sell faster.
new keypad lock in office
new keypad lock in office

What are the cons of keyless entry door locks

Even though keyless entry locks are super convenient and safe, they also have some features that may stop you from getting one.
  • The price. Yes, the cost of keypad locks is higher than the regular ones. It’s easy to explain, as the system operates with the help of technical devices and involves many resources to work properly. However, it’s important to note that you are paying for your comfort and convenience.
  • DIY complexity. One more thing to consider is the more expensive the lock is, the harder it is to install it yourself. Inappropriate lock installation may cause door damage and scratch marks. Also, this is one of the reasons intruders may hack your lock. They can sometimes tell that a non-professional did the installation. Calling a reliable locksmith will prevent this problem.
woman uses keypad lock
  • Don’t forget the code. There is one more important feature. If you forget the code combination, you won’t be able to get inside. That’s why making up a password you will remember is recommended. However, as we mentioned before, don’t make it too obvious so that no criminal could possibly guess it. After all, if you somehow forget the code combination, feel free to ask emergency locksmith services for assistance.
woman uses keypad lock

Are keypad locks safe

With all of the above, you might ask, “Can keypad locks be considered safe?” According to the benefits listed earlier, a burglar can’t pick this type of lock and also cannot guess the code randomly, so it becomes more difficult for him to break in. However, some people may be concerned about whether smart locks can be hacked. Although there is little possibility of hacking, its percentage is extremely low. Most intruders don’t possess those skills and prefer to rob the properties that are easy to break in. So, your property will be more secure with the help of a brand-new smart lock.

Do keypad locks require batteries

Most keypad locks work on the batteries. You can easily change them from time to time if they’re regular lithium ones. However, some types of keypad locks require premium batteries, like alkaline ones. It is more difficult to find them. So, it mainly depends on the lock model you have. Before buying one, research and consider the different types and whether it will be easy for you to maintain the exact lock. If the price is higher than you planned to spend, remember there is probably an alternative one that is more affordable.

Summing up

We highly support your desire to enhance the security level of your property, and we are happy that you are interested in this topic. Everyone who is convinced that the type of lock plays a significant role in a matter of home security knows it should be chosen wisely. We hope these tips gave you all the needed important information and will help you to make the right decision. If you decide to choose a keypad lock, we’ll be pleased to assist you with the installation so that you will be satisfied and secure.

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