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Can smart locks be hacked

Like any other wireless technology, smart locks are at risk of being hacked. Thieves use different hacking devices depending on the type of connection – Bluetooth, WI-Fi, or Z-wave. A lot of information on how to hack smart locks can be found on the internet these days. However, it’s not as simple as it appears. If your lock is installed correctly and it has the newest firmware, hacking it will be extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, criminals are constantly looking for new ways to break into someone’s house. It means that house owners and tenants should always be prepared for any eventuality. After installing a smart lock for the front door, you might need to carry out other security measures. The best thing you can do is to find a professional who can help you out with that. Sure Lock & Key is a reliable coast-to-coast Locksmith and Security Company with years of experience. We’re ready to answer any of your questions and provide you with all types of locksmith services if needed.

Are smart locks secure

There are still some people who don’t trust modern technology, and they don’t believe smart locks can protect their homes. However, these locks have numerous advantages in terms of security. First of all, they don’t require a key, so you don’t have to worry about losing one. A smart lock can’t be picked. Another advantage is that you can limit the number of people who have access to your property. A smart lock can be connected to your phone, so you’ll receive notifications every time someone attempts to enter your home. These locks can be operated remotely, so if you forget to lock up the house, you can do it later with a few clicks.
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We can definitely say that the smart home door lock is just as secure as a traditional lock. It’s all about how you maintain it and what other security measures you use. For example, using smart devices for additional home security is an intelligent solution. You can also install an alarm system and security cameras. These gadgets have multiple features that can help you survey the weak points in your property and increase safety.
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What are the disadvantages of smart locks

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and smart locks have some flaws as well. However, if you know about these shortcomings, you can take some measures to enhance them. In order for you to understand what you need to be aware of, we gathered together the main disadvantages of the smart front door lock.
  • Price: It’s not difficult to find a traditional lock on a budget, but we can’t say the same about smart locks. If you want this kind of device, be prepared to spend something in the $100-200 range. High-quality gadgets can be expensive, so you might want cheaper options. However, if you do decide to spend a bit more, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Issues and maintenance: Like any other technology, smart locks require regular maintenance. If you neglect it, your lock can end up being useless. First of all, these locks run on batteries, so you always have to pay attention to make sure they are charged. You’ll also need to replace them from time to time. Firmware is another thing that requires regular updates. If you update it in time, the hackers will have fewer chances to break into the system.
  • Glitches: If something runs with an application, there is always a possibility that this system or device could glitch. The smart home door lock glitch could be even more dangerous because it could cause a lockout. Make sure you perform regular tests so that the application runs smoothly.
  • Difficult to install: Even an intelligent person who may not have enough knowledge and experience in lock installation could find the installation process quite challenging. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved with the help of a residential locksmith. This person is fully trained and skilled in all aspects of locksmithing and security, which means that the job will be done correctly.

Three benefits of using smart locks for your home

Even though we’ve mentioned several disadvantages of the smart lock for the front door, it’s still a good idea to have one installed. These devices have so much to offer. Their benefits definitely outweigh their drawbacks. Below you will find the three main benefits of using the smart lock.
  • You can check whether you locked the door or not while outside of your home. Your smart lock can be connected to your phone, so you can always monitor the status of your smart lock. If you forgot to lock it, you can do it remotely. Also, every time someone tries to open the door, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Track who enters your home. This feature works if you use PINs or key cards for your smart lock. You can see who enters the house and when. If some kind of activity seems out of the ordinary, you can check the cameras, or if possible, ask your neighbor to check what’s going on, etc.
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  • You don’t need to worry about losing your keys. It’s a common problem for those who use mechanical locks. Most keys are small, so losing them is super easy, especially if you’re in a hurry. Smart locks require a code, card, or another type of access. However, there are some people who use a smart lock with a key lock combined. So, we want to share a simple guide to carrying keys that may help you to avoid common mistakes in the future.
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These advantages are only the tip of the iceberg. After you start using the smart lock, you’ll see that there are many other benefits.

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The best smart locks in 2022

Even when customers gather all the needed information together and decide what features they need, there is still a problem with choosing the right device. The number of smart locks available is growing by leaps and bounds as manufacturers develop new models. We gathered together the models that are considered to be the best.
  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock of 4th generation: It comes with an open-close sensor that upgrades the entire security system. You control everything that happens at your front door. Another advantage of this device is its size. It’s 45% smaller than most models. Also, it can be operated with voice control.
  • Schlange Encode: This smart lock is unique because it has a built-in alarm. If someone tries to break in, the intruder will hear a loud sound that helps to scare them off. You can choose how you want to operate your lock (with a mechanical key, key code, or remote control access).
  • Yel Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt: A compact gadget with a sleek device that can be placed on almost every door. The newest version of this deadbolt is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and a DoorSense sensor. There is no problem with locking or unlocking the door while you’re away from home.

Summing up

When looking for the best door lock, you need to consider many factors. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable source of information, so you don’t have to double-check everything or, even worse, make the wrong decision. Moreover, customers also need a professional to help them install the lock and replace or fix it. Sure Lock & Key could be an excellent option. We are situated throughout the U.S., and our licensed technicians use mobile service vans to reach you as fast as possible. We care about our clients and do everything to keep them satisfied. Do you have issues with your smart home door lock? Call us!

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