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Are hotel safes safe to use

There are a lot of aspects to consider during vacation or business trips. Flights schedule, fuss with luggage, hotel check-ups and many other things that are undoubtedly important. Still, after you are already in your hotel room and have unpacked all your stuff, usually, the first question that arises is – "How to keep my valuables safe in the hotel room?". It's understandable because there were so many stories when valuable assets got stolen from the hotel safes. Not the most pleasant situation, right? However, when you are out of your hotel room, keeping your laptop or photo camera in a safe still remains the most reasonable option.

To be honest, hotels frequently make their safes less secure by themselves. This can be explained by placing safes in the obvious locations, which makes them easy to access, or installing them faulty, which makes them easy to be stolen. Some hotel managers also use the master key systems, which also reduces the overall hotel safe's security. Still, to make you less worried about your valuables, Sure Lock & Key took a closer look at the most frequent hotel safes and aspects that make hotel safes more reliable and secure.

What kind of safes do hotels use

More and more hotels implement the practice of equipping their rooms with a safe where the guests can store some of their most valuable items. Some owners use safes with mechanical combination locks, but they’re becoming less common today. Most hotel owners give their preference to the newest electronic locks. First of all, they’re considered to be more secure than the traditional ones. Plus, it’s much easier to maintain them. Another significant advantage is the ease of reprogramming the electronic safe locks, which is essential after each guest's stay.
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By clearing the previous combination and setting a new code for the next visitor, hotel managers can significantly enhance the security level of the safe, providing guests with a more reliable and trustworthy option for safeguarding their valuables.
However, there are still some drawbacks in terms of security.
  • First of all, most hotel safes are positioned in places that are quite obvious for thieves, like a wardrobe or simply a table.
  • In case the managers forget to update their locks, they won’t provide you with a proper level of security.
  • Moreover, the fact that multiple hotel employees may have access to your safe bring some other risks.
  • To make this experience less stressful, below we came up with a few ways to make your hotel safe a little bit more secure.
    Personal holet safe

    How to make a hotel safe secure

    There are a few effective measures you can take in order to make your safe more secure.
    First, check whether the lock on your safe is fully functional. If you notice any issues, ask the hotel manager to contact safe locksmith services to resolve the problem.
    Keep in mind that most safes have the simplest combinations that anyone can guess, so we recommend you change them right away. Choose numbers that are easy to memorize but hard to figure out.
    Another measure you can consider is bringing your own small portable safe. That way you’ll be the only one who can access it. Moreover, you can choose any hiding spot to place it so that no thief would be able to find it.
    Also, there is one device you can use to protect the existing hotel safe – the Milockie lock. The Milockie serves as a unique lock and strap device designed to enhance the security of your safe. By enabling you to use your own padlock, it ensures that only you can access the safe, preventing unauthorized entry. This specially designed lock fits most hotel safes, acting as a deterrent and providing an extra layer of protection. With the Milockie in place, you hold the sole key or combination to remove it, ensuring your valuables remain secure during your stay.
    safe in wardrobe
    Also, it is better to ensure that no stranger sees the master code while the hotel manager is entering it. Additionally, the hotel staff also should pay attention to the storage of keys and access cards. These easy measures may seem obvious, but they can increase the security level of hotel safes and assure you that your valuables are protected.
    safe in wardrobe

    Summing up

    We can all agree that when we’re traveling, the security of our goods is the last thing we want to stress about. In order not to worry about it, you can always place them in the hotel safe. It won’t provide 100% security but definitely will add an extra layer of protection. If you want to make it even safer, consider following some of the tips we mentioned above!

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