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Are hotel safes safe to use

There are a lot of aspects to consider during vacation or business trips. Flights schedule, fuss with luggage, hotel check-ups and many other things that are undoubtedly important. Still, after you are already in your hotel room and have unpacked all your stuff, usually, the first question that arises is – "How to keep my valuables safe in the hotel room?". It's understandable because there were so many stories when valuable assets got stolen from the hotel safes. Not the most pleasant situation, right? However, when you are out of your hotel room, keeping your laptop or photo camera in a safe still remains the most reasonable option.

To be honest, hotels frequently make their safes less secure by themselves. This can be explained by placing safes in the obvious locations, which makes them easy to access, or installing them faulty, which makes them easy to be stolen. Some hotel managers also use the master key systems, which also reduces the overall hotel safe's security. Still, to make you less worried about your valuables, Sure Lock & Key took a closer look at the most frequent hotel safes and aspects that make hotel safes more reliable and secure.

What kind of safes do hotels use

Most hotels use electronic safes for their hotel rooms, and this is quite reasonable. The main reason behind it is that electronic safe locks can be easily reprogrammed, which is necessary to do after every guest. That's how hotel managers can clear the previous combination and set the new code for the next visitor. This important step can definitely increase the security level of a hotel safe and also make it more reliable for the guest. However, there are still more questions than answers because most hotel managers fail to make the hotel safe secure. That's why just relying on the hotel safe because it is electronic is not enough.
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As we have already said, there are a lot of aspects that are worth considering before using the hotel safe, including location, installation quality, availability of multiple access and others. So, let's take a look at the main aspects that can increase the security level of the hotel safe.
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How to make a hotel safe secure

There are plenty of measures that can increase the security level of the hotel safe. First of all, the hotel manager should reset the factory settings and set the unique code combination. That's how hotels can exclude the possible break-in by burglars, which frequently use the factory settings to open the safes. In addition, the hotel safe should be installed correctly and fixed to a solid wall or another part with heavy-duty bolts. This way, you may be sure that your valuables won't be stolen with the safe. Another safety measure that every hotel manager should adhere to is to check whether the guest's ID matches the safe before opening it with the master key.
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Also, it is better to ensure that no stranger sees the master code while the hotel manager is entering it. Additionally, the hotel staff also should pay attention to the storage of keys and access cards. These easy measures may seem obvious, but they can increase the security level of hotel safes and assure you that your valuables are protected.
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Summing up

As you can see, keeping the valuables in the hotel's safes is still a questionable topic, and the final decision is definitely up to you. However, if you are a hotel owner, then Sure Lock & Key can offer you a great deal! We provide all types of safe and vault locksmith services and will be glad to assist you in resolving any issue!

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