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What is a drop safe

There are so many different ways to secure your property from criminals and all kinds of other threats. You can purchase a qualitative door that can resist all kinds of attacks and equip it with a high-security lock. Another great way to provide your building with a high level of protection is to install a security system. Usually, it has cameras, motion detectors, alarms, fire detectors, etc. Even though all these measures are really effective and they're most likely to stop the criminal from breaking into your house or office, there's still a possibility the intruder will manage to overcome them.

In case that happens, it's always better to come up with a way to protect the items that are inside the building. Many people use safes for that purpose, as criminals usually take things that are on the surface. There are many different safe types to choose from. Today, we want to discuss one in particular – a drop safe.

What are drop safes used for

Choosing the best safe for your needs is not the easiest task. There are so many different factors you'll need to consider. One of the most important ones is what you want to store there. Then you can think of other points, like size, capacity, material, etc.
When it comes to drop safes, they're mainly used for documents, certificates, money, credit cards, etc. This type of safe is also called a deposit safe because of how it is built. Basically, it has a slot where anyone can drop money or documents without opening the safe. However, only the owner can access it by using a key or the correct combination. Drop safes are usually attached to the floor or wall so that no one can take them.
Now, you probably want to know where these safes are installed. For the most part, drop safes are designed for commercial usage. You can find them in post offices, restaurants, banks and shops. Employees can put money inside, but only an authorized person, like a manager, can access it. That way, business owners can avoid internal theft as well.
new black safe
new black safe

The benefits of drop safes

Let's discuss some of the benefits this type of safe can offer to help you decide whether it suits your needs or not.
  • One of the advantages of the drop safe is the fact that it'll last longer than other safes. It doesn't require to be opened every time you need to put something in, so the lock won't be used as often and it'll last longer.
  • Their biggest benefit is the high level of security they provide. When using a drop safe, you can limit access to only a few people that you fully trust. Plus, these safes are actually quite hard to break. You may increase their security level even more by using safe locksmith services and equipping your safe with a qualitative lock.
  • This type of safe is equipped with an additional security mechanism called an anti-fish plate. It prevents criminals from accessing the slot with the help of various tools.
silver drop safe
silver drop safe

Types drop safes

Drop safes come in various shapes and sizes and depending on the slot placement, they're divided into two types.
  • A front-loading drop safe has a slot positioned right on top of the safe's front door.
  • The second one is a top-loading drop safe. As you can probably guess, the slot is located on the top of the safe box.
Both these safes can be equipped with different locking mechanisms. It's up to you to decide which one is more suitable for you. You can either use a traditional mechanical lock that requires a key or the digital lock where the secret code activates it. Also, to reach a higher security level, consider using a dual-locking system. It requires two keys to be opened. So, for example, even if one gets stolen, the criminal still won't be able to unlock your safe.

Summing up

If you're looking for a great way to protect your valuable documents and money from thieves, a drop safe might be a perfect option. The items can be stored there through a slot without opening the actual door. Only authorized people can access it. By using this type of safe, you can avoid both external and internal theft.
If you have any more questions or need help with your safe lock, Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you. Just give us a call.

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