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What Prevents Locksmiths From Thieving

Even using locksmith services from time to time, people still don’t trust them completely. They think that locksmiths’ knowledge and skills may be as dangerous as they are helpful. But such a fear is completely unfounded. And Sure Lock & Key, <a href="/">the locksmith company</a> that provides services for more than 35 years, knows why. Keep reading to find the answers!

outdoor security camera

How Does The Home Security System Work

Want your house and your family always to be safe? We assume that your answer is definitely “yes”. In that case, you should consider security system installation and omit all the worries. Over the last years, the technology of these systems has changed significantly. Being wireless, now they are always connected to your smartphone or a touch-screen panel, so they are much easier to use. <a href="/">Sure Lock & Key</a> wants to help you answer all questions you have about the installation of the home security systems installation. How do these systems work, and what do they do? Is it worth it? What security system type to choose? Which features of the system are the most important? Should you add a security camera? We prepared a quick guide for you, so let's discuss the technologies that can help keep you safer in this blog post!

locksmith chooses a new lock

What Qualities And Skills Should A Professional Locksmith Have

When selecting a locksmith, it's often unclear what aspects to prioritize. Is skillfulness sufficient? Does experience alone guarantee quality? Could a proficient locksmith also lack manners? With over 35 years of experience in locksmith services, Sure Lock & Key comprehends the precise qualities and abilities a professional locksmith technician should possess. Continue reading to delve deeper into the topic!

Locksmith repairs The Door

The Time A Locksmith Needs To Open The Door

When you can’t enter your home or leave it due to some lock malfunctioning, you obviously don't have much time. There are lots of situations where lockout has to be as fast as possible because someone is stuck inside, your oven is working, or the tap isn’t shut down. Or you’ve just come home after a long hard day at work and need to relax. All of these reasons are highly important. That’s why people who are calling us for such a service want to know how long it takes to open the door. <a href="/">Sure Lock & Key</a> is here to open that stubborn door or to provide you with all the information you need. Keep reading!

process of key cutting

How Long Does Key Cutting Take

Very often, people who need a new key to be cut are avoiding this procedure at all costs. Why? Because they think that it takes forever, that this process is very complicated. In our everyday practice, and <a href="/">Sure Lock & Key</a> has been providing locksmith services for more than 3 decades so far, we often meet people who are truly shocked and surprised that key cutting actually doesn’t take much time. So, what should you know about key cutting? Want to know how to cut keys? How do locksmiths make key cutting? Let’s get it started

keys on the road

Top 12 Key Finder Devices 2022

Want your house, office, or car always to be safe and secure, but have a strong tendency to lose your keys? Does it happen from time to time that you stay near your house and realize that you lost your key and can’t find it? To prevent such situations, you should invest in a key finder!

locksmith lockout a door

9 Reasons Why Do You Need Emergency Locksmith Service

Modern life is really busy, so all of us want to make it easier. A locksmith company can always help you in fixing all issues with locks, keys, safes, security, and lots of others. <a href="/24-hour-emergency-locksmith/">Emergency locksmith services</a> can be a great benefit for you - a technician can reach you anywhere and anytime you need some help. Being one of the most popular services, emergency locksmith services are really a great solution for everybody who’s in a bind. When you forgot your keys inside your home and need a lockout, when you lost your car key and need to get in your car, when you forgot your safe combination - call the locksmith to get fast help. Do you think that emergency locksmith services are too expensive for you? In that case, just consider that if you delay the problem, you will waste much more money in the end. Yes, this kind of service is a bit more expensive, but the technician will come as soon as possible and solve your issue on the spot. In some situations, emergency service is a single decision for you. For example, if you’ve lost your key but need to open your door, or you are locked out of your car. You can always count on the <a href="/">locksmith company</a> in such situations. Sometimes people doubt in what situation the emergency services will be a better solution, so let’s figure out some reasons to call an emergency locksmith!

car key with car on background

What To Do If Your Keys Get Stolen: Quick Guide

Being a small piece of metal, a key is easy to lose, misplace, or get stolen. Such a situation can’t be a pleasant experience. But if you know what to do you can minimize the consequences and avoid the stress. <a href="/">Sure Lock & Key</a> is here to provide you with detailed information on how to behave when you’ve got your key stolen!

machine tool for copy key

Can A Locksmith Make A Copy Of A Photographed Key

Lots of people live with the fear of losing their keys. But only a few of them are ready to face such a situation with a plan of what to do to get a new key quickly. Obviously, you can try to prevent loss by being attentive, checking your keys every 10 min, etc. But you also should know that in case of such an accident, a locksmith can help you. <a href="/">Sure Lock & Key</a> is here to provide you with all the information you need to ask for a <a href="/key-duplication-lock-replacement/">key copy</a> of a photographed key!

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