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Common mistakes homeowners make with their home security and how to avoid them

Taking care of the security of your home is very important. Using professional security services to install a security system with cameras, alarms and motion detectors will definitely benefit your home safety. However, there are many simple things that people might neglect. For example, what about the fact that many people are used to not locking their doors at home? Or they might leave spare keys in the yard? These habits can cost you many valuable things in the house or even your family's safety. To be aware of the risks you may be inadvertently exposing yourself and family, read this blog post.

Not locking doors and windows

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is leaving the door open when they are inside the house. Don't forget to lock them, even if you are 100% confident in the safety level of your quiet neighborhood where burglaries have never occurred. You may fall asleep in your bedroom for a few hours in the afternoon or take a shower, and this time is enough for a thief to steal all the valuables from your home.
How to avoid this mistake?
A good solution is to put a camera above the front door, so the thief will feel they are being watched. Or there are security systems that will inform you if a door or window is left unlocked and even allow you to lock them remotely.
Not locking door
Not locking door

Hiding the key outside

Many homeowners habitually leave a spare key somewhere in the yard or on the porch. In movies, we've seen keys taken from under shoe racks or mailboxes. In most cases, experienced thieves know where people usually hide spare keys.
How to avoid this mistake?
It is better to give the spare key to a trusted neighbor or relative who lives nearby not to endanger yourself and your valuables.
hidden key outside
Another good option is to equip your house with smart door locks. They allow you to fully control who accesses your property. Plus, they can be operated remotely.
hidden key outside

Poor exterior lighting

As children, we were always told not to walk in dark streets. After all, darkness is the "best friend" of criminals. It is no different for houses. Of course, a house with poor external lighting is more attractive to any thief than one with sufficient lighting. A burglar can go unnoticed, especially if he is wearing dark-colored clothes.
How to avoid this mistake?
Install bright lights in your home's back and front yard that will make the entire area around your house well-lit. You can also install motion detectors around the house for additional protection.

Do not lock the garage door

Another place through which thieves often enter a house is the garage. Many homeowners forget to lock their garage doors.
Thankfully, most modern garages are electronically controlled. You can close or open it with a special remote control.
How to avoid this mistake?
It is important always to check that you have locked the garage door. Also, please don't leave the remote control or key where it can be easily accessed by strangers. It might be better to keep it with your house keys.

Keeping your valuables visible from the outside

Another important thing to consider to avoid attracting thieves to your home is not to keep valuables in visible places. If a thief can see through a window that there are many valuable things in the house, they are more likely to choose your house to steal.
How to avoid this mistake?
Put your valuables in storages, drawers, closets, etc., so that they can’t be seen through the windows or doors. If this is not possible, it is better to close the blinds, at least when you are not at home.

Summing Up

Above, we have briefly outlined the main mistakes made by homeowners and explained how to avoid them not to fall into the hands of criminals. Using our tips, you will be able to minimize the risk of theft of your valuable property. And Sure Lock & Key can help you choose and install a high-quality security system for your home.

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