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5 ways to increase commercial security

The last thing any business owner would want to deal with is a break-in or theft. However, as the statistics show, these unpleasant cases are almost unavoidable and always unpredictable. Criminals always come up with new and more sophisticated ways to invade your property. Plus, you can't exclude the possibility of theft inside the company.

Thankfully, the security industry is really advanced and developed and you can use various tools and methods to increase the protection level for your commercial building. We created a list of the top 5 security measures you can use. Get more familiar with it below.

Use an access control system

When you start a business and open up an office building, the first thing to care of is the entry points. They are the main ways to access your property. Deciding which type of lock to use might not be the easiest task. However, we have a perfect option we want to present you with.
More and more business owners choose to use digital locks with the access control system. They offer a variety of benefits in terms of security. First of all, you can grant access to certain people and restrict it to others. Plus, you can always control who and when enters your building, which gives you the possibility to define any unauthorized entry.
smart lock for commercial building
smart lock for commercial building

Install surveillance cameras

Another security measure that most business owners find extremely effective is surveillance cameras. These devices are proven to be one of the strongest crime deterrents. Most intruders will avoid places equipped with CCTV cameras, as they'll want to remain unnoticed.
Another advantage security cameras can offer you is the ability to control your property 24/7 from anywhere. Today, most of these cameras can be connected to your smartphone and you can monitor everything through an app. However, for big office buildings, it's advisable to hire a professional security company for monitoring.

Install alarm systems

Consider combining your surveillance cameras with an alarm system. Alarm systems have two significant advantages. First of all, they note you or the security about any suspicious activity in your office building. Also, when the alarm goes off, it can really scare off the criminal.
Most alarm systems are equipped with motion detectors, so they get activated when they note any movement within their range. This measure might make your general security much stronger. So, consider using professional security services to install this system.
alarm system for office
alarm system for office

Control data use

It's crucial to pay attention not only to your physical security but to your digital one as well. There were so many cases where important information and data had been accessed by unauthorized personnel and got stolen. To avoid it, it's essential to control data use and provide it with a higher level of protection. What can you do?
  • Come up with a strong password that'll be hard to guess;
  • Regularly update your software;
  • Make sure to install anti-virus protection;
  • Create backups of your data;
  • Secure your Wi-fi with a password as well.

Use high-quality locks

Last but not least, ensure that you use only functional and high-quality locks. Most criminals wouldn't bother spending a lot of time trying to open a high-security lock.
You can either use digital locks operated with cards or a combination or mechanical locks. No matter which one you choose, make sure only the workers have access to it. Besides door locks, the locks you choose for your safes also require attention. Ensure they work properly and are secured.

Summing up

We can all agree that commercial security is a serious matter. As a business owner, you would want your assets, your data and your employees to always be protected. In order to achieve that, consider applying some additional measures we mentioned above. If you need any professional assistance, Sure Lock & Key will gladly provide it.

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