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7 Ways to Secure Your Airbnb Home for Rent

If you own a couple of apartments, renting out one of them is a wise decision. Owning more than two apartments would give you a good passive income. However, isn’t it impossible to avoid unexpected problems renting your house or apartment? Many people keep their facilities empty for years because they don’t want to deal with constant troubles. Creating a well-secured apartment with an integrated and well-structured security system might be hard. However, you’re not alone. Sure Lock & Key has more than three decades of experience securing people’s houses and we’re always glad to share it. Let’s take a closer look at the best methods and possible ways to secure your Airbnb home!

Is it safe to be an Airbnb host

If you are thinking about how safe Airbnb is for hosts, you have to understand that your security is mostly on you. If you do your best, you minimize the risks of being robbed. Unfortunately, Airbnb, as a platform, couldn’t guarantee you 100% of security. However, we know what can be done to secure a property, and we will share our experience with you. Also, we will tell you how Airbnb can help you as a host!

How do I protect myself as an Airbnb host

We can’t tell you that Airbnb safety has reached 100% (at least yet), but the company does its best to have everything under control. One of the methods is reviews. Comments are available for guests and hosts. So, if something bad happens (not only burglary but destroyed apartment after the party, etc.), you might write a comment to warn future hosts about the guest. Also, Airbnb has information about every user, so it could assist in finding a guest if they avoid you. To end the point about destroyed apartments, Airbnb provides host damage protection to cover repair costs to $1 000 000 (you have 14 days to send a request). If you have to cancel future bookings because of damages, the company covers it too.
To avoid other problems, we recommend you think more about security. Start with a lock replacement. Better install a smart lock than a traditional lock. You can easily change the entry code and control when guests come and leave. So, before letting people stay in your place, it will be nice to call for professional residential locksmith services.
Also, it would be better if you removed all your valuables. Being a nice host, you will want to create a special atmosphere in the house and make it attractive to potential guests. However, there’s no need to put everything the most costless you have in the place you’re going to rent.
Airbnb house
Thankfully, minimalism is quite popular these days and there are many manufacturers who create beautiful furniture and decor at reasonable prices. Also, you can always use items from flea markets to stylize your house accordingly to your taste.
The best solution for hosts is always to ask guests for a security deposit. For many guests, it could be uncomfortable, and they might cancel their booking. However, you will feel safer because you could cover problems with this deposit if anything happens. If not, you simply turn the money back. More and more hosts choose this method to secure their property, so many guests (especially those who often use Airbnb) are accustomed to that.
Airbnb house

What happens if an Airbnb guest steals

As we told you before, you better ask guests for a security deposit to avoid these problems. Also, use Airbnb safety issues because the situations are individual. You have to ask how customer support could assist you. Usually, the procedure could take time because it is difficult to prove that something is missing. If you think that your guests stole something, call the police. Airbnb will give you all the information about guests, making it easier to find them.

Summing Up

If you want to be an Airbnb host, you have to know all the risks you can face. Here are some recommendations to avoid them:
  • Always check who wants to live in your house (the person’s reviews, profile information, etc. You also can try to find their social media to better understand with whom you’re going to have the business.)
  • Install smart locks to secure your property.
  • Make your apartments as simple as possible to avoid robberies.
  • Don’t leave your valuables there.
  • If anything happens, call customer service. A company can cover your repair costs.
  • Always ask for the security deposit.
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airbnb app

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