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Steps to Take When You Lost Your Key Fob

Imagine the situation. It's Friday, the last day of your work week, which has been challenging and busy. Two weeks ago, you agreed with your friends to meet after work to spend time together and relax. You walk to your car, put your hand in your pocket, and realize it's empty. You continue looking for your key fob everywhere but realize you probably lost it. How do you feel? You're probably in fear and panic? It is a typical reaction of a person who has lost something important. What should you do in this situation?

First, you need to get a grip on yourself, seriously. Everyone panics to some degree if this, unfortunately, happens to them. So, try to make a strong effort to calm down, and prioritize going forward in taking the right steps in order to rectify the situation as best as possible. We have prepared step-by-step instructions, so you know what to do during a key fob loss or theft. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it below.

Retrace your steps

First, consider where you might have lost your key fob. Recall where you went today, where you held it, and where you might put it out of habit.
If you just left the house, check all possible pockets. If you don't find it, go back home and look for it in the bag you carried yesterday or in your outerwear. Or maybe you always put them in the same place, and yesterday you were so tired that you put them somewhere else.
If you have lost your key fob on the street, then after checking your pockets, look around the car; maybe you didn't notice when it fell out and is still under it. If your car is unlocked, check the interior, especially the floor near the driver's seat.
If, after checking all the possible places where the keys could be, you still haven't found them, move on to the next step in our guide.

Know what type of car key you need

The second step is to understand which car keys you need to replace. Key fobs are usually rectangular or oval. It can unlock or lock the car and sometimes even turn on the alarm or open the trunk. A professional locksmith can make this type of key for you on the spot. To do this, they must program the new key fob to unlock the owner's car.
Also, be prepared that a professional technician will ask for proof that the car belongs to you. The locksmith will refuse to perform the work if you don't have the relevant documents.
new car key
new car key

Call a locksmith for a replacement

The third and final step is to call a professional locksmith for key fob replacement. Mobile locksmiths can come to you anywhere and anytime.
Upon arrival, the technician will need to reprogram the lost key so that the person who finds it cannot access the owner's car. To program a new key fob, the technician needs to access the car's onboard computer. The job is much easier if the car owner has a spare key fob because the professional can copy the settings.

Summing Up

In general, the steps to take after you notice that you have lost your key fob are relatively easy. The problem is that usually, in such situations, we are very nervous and cannot make an informed decision. To reduce the stress level, we suggest you write down the number of dependable technicians you can contact. Sure Lock & Key is a highly professional locksmith company ready to make you a new key fob anywhere and anytime. Don't hesitate to call us!