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3 ways a latch guard can help your security efforts

As we all know, house break-ins are extremely common today and it’s essential to take all the necessary measures to avoid them. A decent lock plus a home security system with cameras and alarms undeniably provide your house with a high level of security. However, they don’t guarantee that an intruder won’t try some old methods like lockpicking or a credit card trick to get inside. So, you might consider getting some other simple devices that’ll make the process harder for the criminal.

For example, a door latch guard is a simple yet pretty effective feature that can prevent the intruder from breaking your lock. Sure Lock & Key knows everything about this little device and we would like to share our knowledge with you, so keep reading.

What is the latch guard used for

First of all, let’s define what a latch guard is and what it can offer you. Basically, it’s a small, simple, inexpensive (already sounds great) security device you can attach to your door to prevent the break-in. Mostly, they’re used on exterior doors so that no strangers can enter your house. However, you can use them on interior doors as well if you want to add more privacy.
There are different types of latch guards you can choose from, depending on the type of door you have.
The first and most common type is an outswing latch guard for a door. It is a metallic device that needs to be mounted on the outside of your door. Its main purpose is to cover the latch. Some of these latch guards are equipped with safety pins. They’re used to secure your lock from being broken with the help of a crowbar. These latches are mounted to the surface of your door with flat-head screws and carriage bolts, which makes it impossible for criminals to access your building by unscrewing it.
latch guard for exit door
The second type of door latch guard is the inswing one. It consists of two parts – a guard plate and the U-channel. The first one is mounted on the door frame and the second one is put on the front part of your door. So, when you close the door, these two parts get attached together and cover the latch.
latch guard for exit door

Do latch guards work

We figured out what a latch guard is and what types of latch guards are out there on the market. However, the most important question is – do latch guards work? Are they effective? Just like any other security device, it won’t guarantee 100% protection, but it’ll definitely enhance the level of your home security.
First of all, its main purpose is to cover the gap between the door and the door frame and to protect the latch. Not all criminals are familiar with advanced lockpicking techniques, so quite often, criminals use brutal force to get into your house. They might use a pry bar or a crowbar to break your latch and get inside.
An exterior door latch guard might act as a crime deterrent. As we all know, criminals usually look for easy targets. So, mostly they choose houses without security and they look for locks that can be easily broken. A latch guard adds an extra layer of security to your lock, so the intruder might think twice before breaking it.
latch guard fow a wooden door
Most criminals are not really experienced. They use standard techniques that all of us probably have seen in the movies. They might use a great old credit card trick or a screwdriver to bypass your lock. A door latch guard can make the process of lockpicking much harder. They’ll need special tools and some skills to deal with a lock equipped with this guard.
latch guard fow a wooden door

Are latch locks secure

Today, most locks are equipped with latch-locking mechanisms. A latch is a simple locking mechanism that is used to keep your doors closed. This mechanism can be used on any type of door. Latch guards can be composed of various materials that’ll go with your door aesthetic. Undeniably, this mechanism is extremely useful. However, is it secure?
Well, there are a few break-in techniques that can be used to damage the lock. The first one is lock bumping. When not performed properly, it can cause a lot of damage to your lock cylinder and the latch. To avoid dealing with bumping attack consequences, you might use additional security measures. You may use professional residential locksmith services to equip your lock with bump-resistant pins.
Another problem you might face is criminals trying to break into your house with the help of a credit card or a butter knife. They insert it between the door and door frame to disable your latch. As we already mentioned, one of the best ways to avoid that is to install a door latch guard.

Summing up

Most criminals are familiar with common lock-breaking techniques, like breaking the latch with a credit card or knife. One of the best ways to protect your locking mechanism is a door latch guard. Usually, it’s a metallic device that is installed on the outside of your door to cover the gap between the door and the door frame where your latch is. So, if you need assistance with a latch guard installation or maybe you need any other security and locksmith services, call Sure Lock & Key. We’ll gladly help you.

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