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3 best door locks you should use for your rental

When it comes to letting an apartment or a house to tenants, then the issue of security is the most important. You’re letting unknown people into your home, so it is better not to neglect the protection of your property. Yes, of course, you may count on the decency of your tenants, but this might be too little. Therefore, landlords often would like to know which door locks are the best to choose to protect their property, and this is quite reasonable because locks are the first security device that should be taken care of. You may also consider installing other safety devices like CCTV cameras or others. However, if security cameras are a great addition, locks are a necessity. Therefore, in our article, we listed the best door locks to choose for your rental property.

3 types Of Locks for Rentals

Before choosing the best door lock for your rental apartment, there are several aspects to consider. First of all, evaluate the number of tenants you will have over the course a certain period of time. Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. If you rent out your apartment or house only for short periods, then changing the door locks is obviously not going to work for you. So, when choosing a door lock, pay attention to whether this lock can be rekeyed or not. Thus, rekeying technology can solve the problem of frequent door lock replacement. You may also consider creating a patented keys system or installing keyless locks. Additionally, there’s always a possibility to make your lock more secure by installing anti-drill plates or additional door hinges or doors made of more resistant materials.
Below we look at the three types of door locks that are best for rental apartments.
  • Kwikset Locks. Kwikset door locks are designed in a way the lock mechanism can be easily replaced with a new key. So, to reset the lock, you only need to insert a new key and a learning tool. The door lock will adjust to the new key, and you will be able to use it.
  • Keypad Locks. Keypad locks use a code combination for entry instead of a key, so it's a great option for landlords. This way you can not only easily reset the code when necessary but also not worry that the tenants did not close the door because this lock does it automatically.
  • Landlord Locks. Landlord locks look like regular locks but have a few extra features that make them a perfect choice for landlords. Just like Kwikset locks, you may easily change the lock mechanism by simply purchasing a new key. Or you may replace the key cylinder with a spare one.
Kwikset 916
If any of these seem a good idea, give us a call. Our experienced residential locksmith will assist you in getting the best lock for your property.
Kwikset 916

5 of the best locks for landlords to look at

If you are interested in specific models of door locks, which are the best to choose for rented apartments, then we have listed the most popular options. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that all aspects should be taken into account before buying. So, you will ensure that the lock will be the most effective and you will not have to overpay for additional services.
  • Kwikset 916 Smartcode Touchscreen. It is a locking motorized deadbolt that can be opened with one touch due to the keyless system. These door locks work with Alexa and support voice control. It also works with batteries, so you do not have to provide additional wires.
  • Schlage Camelot Keypad. This wireless door lock allows you to use it without any key and set a digit code for opening. This is how you can change the code anytime you need it. You may also add and delete the code easily, which makes it the perfect choice for the rental.
  • Kwikset 907 Powerbolt 2.0 Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey. With the help of this mechanism, you can lock your door with one touch and set or delete the required code if it is needed. It is also wireless and uses a code to open the door.
Schlage Camelot Keypad
  • Samsung SHS P718 Push-Pull Handle with a fingerprint scanner. The biometric door lock with fingerprint and touchscreen type of access. This device is made of plastic and metal and works with batteries.
  • Lockley Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Smart Lock. Keypad lock with both fingerprint access and key lock mechanism. There are two keys in the set, so you may use them if needed. This device works on IOS and Android devices and is easy to install.
Schlage Camelot Keypad

Summing up

Security is essential, especially if you are a landlord and renting your apartment. First of all, you need to make sure your property is safe, then you need to provide people who will live there with a certain level of protection. That is why door locks are efficient if you want to make your property safer. In case you want to choose the most effective door locks and need some professional assistance, then Sure Lock & Key would be glad to assist! We provide a full range of residential locksmith services, from door locks installation to rekeying. Also, we offer 24-hour availability and a wide spectrum of emergency locksmith services in case you or your tenants are experiencing a locksmith issue after business hours. To have the best locksmith services give us a call!

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