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What Is An Automotive Locksmith

The locksmith industry expands constantly. Lots of new services have been introduced lately, since locksmiths want to be as helpful as possible. But automotive locksmiths have been a part of our everyday life for a long time now. However, a lot of people still don’t know when exactly they should call an automotive locksmith. So, let’s figure that out. Sure Lock & Key is here to help you no matter what you need: automotive services or information about them!

Car Key Making And Programming

A list of automotive locksmith services is shockingly long. Some of them you may know, some of them may be unfamiliar to you. We’re going to start with the most important and most popular one.
Have you ever been locked inside your car? Or maybe you have been locked outside the car? No matter where you were, the only person who was able to help you without damaging your car was an automotive locksmith. Providing automotive locksmith services for more than 35 years, we can assure you that car lockout is one of the most requested services, and probably will stay like that for a long time. Unfortunately, we don’t have some tool or method to be able to prevent door stucking, and the only solution is a reliable and skilled locksmith. Probably, we will never have such a preventive method. So, the best decision is to have your to-go locksmith. Also, going to another city, it never hurts to find a local locksmith just in case of some possible accident.
Another highly requested service is car trunk lockout. Not all the car models have access to the trunk via cabin, so it can be an emergency, especially if you’ve put inside your trunk something important. A professional and skilled automotive locksmith can easily solve such a problem.

A Broken Key Extraction

Being used constantly, a car key can break because of wear. One tiny but wrong turn, and you can’t use your car anymore. It can be very difficult to remove without special tools. It goes without saying that you need to call a locksmith asap to be able to start your car. Using special tools, a technician extracts key remains. Also, you can’t do without a new key. Thankfully, you’ve already called a locksmith, so that won’t be a problem.
We need to mention ignition repair as well. Sometimes a broken key that is stuck inside the ignition cylinder can cause damage. Then you may need its repair or replacement. That’s another situation in which an automotive locksmith is your surest solution. However, take into consideration that this service is quite specific, and how fast a technician can fix everything up depends on your car’s make, model, and year, since ignition cylinders vary upon lots of factors.
man tries to unstuck broken car key
man tries to unstuck broken car key

Car Key Making And Programming

So, you need a new car key? There are two ways to get it. You can go to your dealership. This is the longer and more expensive way. What we recommend is to call a locksmith. This method is truly a shortcut. A locksmith comes and makes a new key on the spot. What can be better and more convenient?
Car key cutting and duplication service has lots of options and possibilities nowadays. Whether you need a common mechanical key duplication or key fob programming, a locksmith is your fastest solution. Also, you can help and fasten the process by providing your technician with your car’s make, model, and year.
many car keys on table
many car keys on table

Choosing The Best Automotive Locksmith?

To choose a company you can trust can be really stressful. Especially if you don’t have appropriate experience and don’t know what you should pay attention to. Choosing an automotive locksmith is no different. What are the common suggestions? Be attentive, be careful, check and double-check, etc. Better read our previous blog post on how to find a reliable and professional locksmith.