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Which is better: steel or aluminum door

The question “Which door material to use?” may normally arise when you're about to buy doors for your house or other property, as the door material naturally influences its future condition and durability. There is no wrong choice in this situation, as everything depends on what you personally look for in a door and what desired characteristics it should have. Before purchasing a door, ask yourself what factors are the most important for you. This way, it would be easier for you to synchronize your demands with the features each door material offers. We welcome you to read our article to learn more about door materials differences and determine which one is the most suitable for your property.

The benefits of a steel door

Talking about steel doors, we can indicate some general advantages.
  • Strength. The first thing that generally comes to mind is clearly their strength and durability. Nobody can disagree stainless steel is the most robust among the other door materials. It means they are extremely resistant to damage and breaking.
  • Low maintenance. Overall, the high-quality steel doors don't require special maintenance, as they've already been properly primed and painted and don't need additional substances to look good. You may only need to wipe them from time to time.
  • Cost. Among all doors, the steel ones are definitely the best in terms of price and quality. The material is not whimsical and easy to get, so their price is totally fair.
  • Security. No door material can be compared to a steel one in terms of security. These doors aren't vulnerable to breaking, shrinking, cracking, or warping. Combined with high-quality locks, they become an insurmountable obstacle for any intruder. If you want to increase the safety level even more, consider installing a full security system by summoning professional security services, which are one call away.
close grey steel door with
close grey steel door with

The benefits of an aluminum door

Now, let's look closer at the benefits of aluminum doors to figure out whether they will be an appropriate choice for you.
  • Appearance. No doubt, aluminum doors have an aesthetically pleasing look. They're available in a range of finishes with no limitations on glazing, which makes them fit any type of building.
  • Lightweight. These doors are quite slim, and their weight is pretty small, so they don't need any extra force to be opened. That means an aluminum door is a perfect option if children use that entry.
  • Weatherproof and corrosion resistance. This is probably the biggest advantage of aluminum doors. They're not subject to rust and corrosion, as this metal is naturally resistant to them. These doors don't need additional coatings of special protective substances, which is also very budget-saving.
  • Versatility. Aluminum doors are considered to be all-rounders, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are rust-resistant, and come in a variety of styles and finishes any other doors can't compete with. Moreover, this particular type of door goes with many different locks so that your home design can be close to flawless.
aluminum folding door with access to the terrace
aluminum folding door with access to the terrace

Which one to choose

Reading the advantages of both, you might conclude that every door material possesses the features you wish another one had as well.
Clearly, you won't find the definite answer on which door you should choose for your property, as there is no general “right” answer. However, before deciding, it's recommended to consider which features are crucial for you. This way, the process will be simpler. Then you may choose the most appropriate option. Among matters that are recommended to consider are your budget, the durability you hope for, the level of rust resistance that is important to you and whether you want a special door style or customization. All those answers can help you understand what you cherish most and will indicate which door material is better for your premise.

Summing up

When it comes to your home security, there are many different factors to consider. One of the most important ones is the door you purchase. That's why sometimes it may be hard to make a choice you will be happy with over the years. However, when you consider everything important beforehand, the chances of choosing faster and easier are higher.
If you also decide to install a lock to your new door and understand you need assistance, Sure Lock & Key will gladly help you.

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