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What Can I Do If I Lock My Keys In The Car

Do you know that terrible feeling when you realize that your keys are in the car, and you’re not? You’re trying to open the car, but it’s too late. It’s already got locked. The situation is millions of times worse if your kid or dog is inside. You have to stay cold-blooded, don’t panic. There still are a couple of things you can try even if you’re not a professional locksmith. And here we’re going to share them with you because Sure Lock & Key! wants you to stay safe!

Tips And Tricks When You’ve Locked Your Keys Inside The Car

Some latest keys don’t cause such trouble. The car can detect that the key is still inside, so it won’t get locked. But for everyone who uses a standard key, we have some tricks to open a door when the key is inside. Probably, you already have seen different opening methods like using a tennis ball or a shoelace, but being a professional automotive locksmith, we can’t recommend such nonsense. Here you will find only the ways that really can help, and not waste your precious time.
So, let’s check what you can do!
Some cars are equipped with electronic buttons on the edge of the window. If you happen to own such a car, you can try to unlock it by using a straightened coat hanger or any other wire. You need to make a small hook on one end of the wire. Now try to insert it between the rubber and the glass on the top side of the window frame. Insert it, bend it to reach the electronic button. When it has reached the destination, try to press the buttons.
Try your trunk. If you have a hatchback car, crossover, wagon, or van you can easily get inside the car by moving the rear seats. It can be harder if you have a sedan car, but still possible.
In an emergency, you should break the window. If your kid or dog is stuck inside the car when the temperature is high, it is better not to waste time. It takes less than an hour for the temperature to rise drastically. And replacing the window is not a problem at all. Keep your beloved ones safe.
keys locked in the car
If any of the described above aren’t for you, and there’s no one to rescue inside the car, call a locksmith. Professional automotive locksmith services are definitely the most reliable solution in such a situation.
If you successfully get inside, we have a few more tips on how not to get locked ever again. But in any case, you can be sure that no matter what has happened to your car keys and locks, you can call a locksmith and get everything done quickly and effectively!
keys locked in the car

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