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Why Does A Locksmith Have To Program A Key Fob

Your key fob doesn’t work as it should? Does it keep failing you every time you’re in a rush? Maybe it’s time to reprogram it. Let’s clear up when you need to call a locksmith to do it.

What Remote Keyless System Is

A remote keyless system is a wonderful and easy way to unlock or lock your car from a distance. Using it, you don’t have to unlock your vehicle manually every time you need access. Next time, on a cold November morning, jumping in your car without a previous mess with a lock, or after the shopping, with your hands full of packages, appreciate your key fob for fast entry.

How Does A Key Fob Work

A remote keyless system is an advanced device for easy entering. Being a system that consists of different parts within the car and a remote, its working principles can be unclear. Sure Lock & Key always tries to provide customers with all the information they may need for better understanding and easier issues solving.
When your remote is equipped with a special radio transmitter and a unit receiver is installed in your car all you need to do to open it is to be within a certain range and to push a button. The transmitter sends a coded signal to the receiver and the door opens or closes. Modern remotes also can serve as a remote keyless ignition system that starts an engine from far away.
car key in ignition
car key in ignition

When Does My Key Fob Need To Be Reprogrammed

A key fob breakage always comes as a surprise. Not being able to open a car as quickly as possible when you really need it, can be truly frustrating. The main reason your key fob has failed is probably because it needs programming. How to understand that your key fob does need to be programmed? We prepare some questions which will help you to figure that out. Providing locksmith services for more than three decades, we can assume that these are the main reasons why someone is asking a locksmith to program a key fob.
  • Does it work only from time to time? Yes? That means that the signal isn’t strong enough.
  • Does it work only near the car? Yes? That also means that the signal isn’t strong enough.
  • Do you need a key fob replacement due to its damage? Yes? Then you need to program it for further remote access. And if the previous key fob was stolen, it won’t unlock your car anymore after the locksmith finishes.
If you answered “yes” at least once, you need to call a locksmith. Aren’t sure how to choose the right one? Here you can find out how to do it correctly.

How Much Does It Cost To Program A Key Fob

If you’ve answered “yes” at least once to the mentioned above questions, then you want to know how much it’s going to cost. Probably you’re trying to find someone who can make it quickly and professionally right now by googling “key fob programming near me”. When we’re speaking about key fob programming, we should take into consideration that the final price depends on a few aspects. It’s obvious that your local locksmith company pricing policy and time when you need this service affects the cost. Our estimated key programming cost starts at $69, other of our automotive locksmith services prices you can check here. But the main reason why it’s hard to provide you with the exact price at once is because it mostly dep ends on your car’s make, model, and year.
car key fob on the wooden desk
Sure Lock & Key’s technicians can program a key fob for a huge number of cars. To save your time on reading, we won’t list all of them here. It’s always more convenient to call us and ask all your questions. Our 24-hour customer care team will provide you with all the information you need.
car key fob on the wooden desk