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What kind of lock is best for a sliding door

Sliding doors are the perfect feature to make your house light and attractive. That is because of huge glasses that let the sunshine into your home. Despite the attractiveness and coziness, it is also important to consider security. We can all agree that safety is one of the essential aspects for house owners.

As with other doors, the sliding door is also the first thing in the way of a thief to get inside your house. That's why it should be resistant to any attempt of breakage. Sliding doors are mostly made of glass, which makes them quite accessible. So, it is advisable to consider installing a door lock, which will make them safer. However, what type of door lock is better to choose for sliding doors? Let's figure it out together today.

Types of Sliding Door Locks

Providing your house with decent security is the most important thing for every homeowner. For that purpose, door locks play an essential role.
When it comes to sliding doors, they are a perfect option for hot summer days when the doors are wide open to let more sunlight into the house. So, it's no wonder that many burglaries happen in summer because thieves know when to take advantage of the situation. That is why taking into attention how to secure your sliding door is very advisable. Below we have considered the most popular locks for sliding doors.
  • Mortise locks are one of the most popular locks for sliding doors. Their wide usage can be explained because of the low price and decent security level. Mortise locks are installed on the sliding doors' inner side and can be locked only from the inside of the house. However, one of the main issues with mortise locks is their predisposition to getting worn out.
  • Keyed locks, as you can suggest from the name, are a type of lock that uses a keyed mechanism. The main advantage of this lock, besides the low price, is the possibility to lock and unlock doors from the inside and outside. This is a great feature for parents whose children might lock themselves from the inside. However, keyed locks are as accessible for burglars because they can still try many methods to pick them.
  • Loop locks are also widely used for sliding doors and are among the most durable for this type of door. Loop locks consist of a mounting plate, which is installed on the inner jamb of the door, and a keeper, which is attached to the sliding door. The principle is to make it impossible to open the door from the outside through the locking bar that connects the mounting plate and the guard.
  • Sliding track locks are another popular type of lock for sliding doors. Their popularity is explained by their easy installation and affordable price. However, the level of security provided by sliding track locks is often low because of the ability to push off the track and open it. In addition, this lock also can be locked only from the inside of the house.
  • Smart locks are the newest type of lock that provides the highest level of security. By the way, smart locks for sliding doors were invented not so long ago but already became one of the most widely used. Even though the price is quite high, it has many benefits. You may easily integrate it with your home security system and make your house even safer.
door lock instalation for sliding door
If you need any help with your door locks, Sure Lock & Key provides all types of residential locksmith services and will be happy to handle all of your locksmith concerns. Give us a call and get your locksmith issues resolved as quickly as possible.
door lock instalation for sliding door

How to choose the best sliding door lock

There are a few things to consider before buying the best lock for sliding doors. First, it is better to decide whether you want to lock it from the inside or from both sides. As we already mentioned, if you have children, it is advisable to choose a door lock with the ability to close it from the inside and outside. Second, consider which level of security you want your door lock to provide. For a higher security level, it is better to choose smart locks over keyed ones. Another important aspect is the price. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then the best choice will be mortise or loop locks. It is also advisable to consider whether you want to install your door lock by yourself or entrust it to a professional locksmith. The reason is that smart locks require some knowledge and skills to install, so the assistance of a technician may be necessary.
sliding door lock
sliding door lock

Summing up

Door locks are an essential part of making your property safe. That is why the choice of the lock should be taken seriously. Whether you may need assistance in choosing the best door lock for your sliding door or installation, then you can always count on us! Sure Lock & Key offers a wide range of all locksmith services and will gladly solve all your locksmith issues.

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