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The Benefits of an Alarm Padlock

Locks have been around for thousands of years. Although it's impressive, the fact that they haven't given way to other inventions indicates their importance. The only change is development and improvement. Today, locks remain one of the most efficient measures for providing your property with the highest security level. However, not all locks are the same. This time, we would like to talk about one of the most secure ones – a padlock. This type of lock is known for its strong construction and ability to resist break-in attempts. Lately, it has met modern technologies and become even more durable and beneficial. An alarm padlock is a perfect measure to make your property safer and more protected, as it combines the strength of the padlock and an additional feature in the form of an alarm. If it sounds interesting to you, then let's take a look at this device's mechanism and its main advantages below.

How does the alarm padlock work

As we have already mentioned, an alarm padlock is a perfect combination of an old but gold padlock and an efficient alarm mechanism. That is why this lock offers the protection of your property on the highest level, as it can not only resist the break-in attempt but also inform you once someone tries. The alarm padlock consists of steel cast corpus and a high-grade steel shackle that ensure the lock's strength and durability. Most alarm padlocks are also stable to corrosion. The second important part of this lock type is an alarm system, which is responsible for notifying about the breaking-n attempt.
sg alarm lock
An alarm padlock is supplied with a piezoelectric buzzer which provides a high-decibel alarm sound. The number of decibels is around 105-110, so you will hear it from any spot on your property, or if you're away, your neighbors are likely to hear the sound. Also, you may connect your alarm padlock to your security system, so you will receive notifications when someone tries to break the lock.
sg alarm lock

What are the benefits of the alarm padlock

When talking about the main benefits of an alarm padlock, the first thing we need to mention is that this lock type is one of the most secure. Thus, other advantages of an alarm padlock include:
  • Durability because of the high-quality materials. Alarm padlocks are made of high-quality steel, which ensures not only a high level of security but also a long durability period.
  • Fast caution due to a reliable alarm system. If the intruder tries to break into your house or other property, the alarm system will beep or send you a notification.
  • Ability to scare the burglar with a high-decibel alarm sound. One of the main privileges of an alarm padlock is a loud sound, which can make a break-in attempt noticeable.
  • The affordable price. Despite the device's efficient features, the alarm padlock's price is much lower than smart locks.
  • A simple key locking mechanism. An alarm padlock uses a simple key to lock and set the alarm.
  • Possible usage for different properties. You may use the alarm padlock for many purposes, like garage doors, vehicles, office doors and many others.
siren alarm padlock
siren alarm padlock

Summing up

An alarm padlock is a great choice to make your property more secure and protected. However, if you need a consultation on the device's features or maybe you need to unlock your alarm padlock, then Sure Lock & Key will gladly provide you with the required residential locksmith service.

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