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How to Integrate Smart Home Accessories with Your Security System

Your home security is always a priority. Therefore, installing a security system in your house is almost the best solution if you want to feel safe. That protection approach will help not only automate all security measures but also make your home much more difficult for burglars to get into. In addition, you can integrate new protection devices into the already existing security system whenever you want or need them.

If you need more detailed information on how to secure your home, you can find it on our blog. In this article, we have prepared answers to the most popular questions about home security systems.

What Can I Do with Existing Alarm System

Quite often, owners who have only recently moved to a new house wonder if they will be able to use the existing alarm system. Will it suit their needs and work as they wish it to? After all, it's hugely important to understand whether they can integrate it into their own security system and get all the benefits. The answer depends on many factors. First, it is worth assessing the state of the existing alarm system. That is quite an important factor because if the system is not working properly, it might affect the quality of the protection of your home. In addition, it might bring many inconveniences.
Another important factor is the age of your alarm system. Most devices have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Therefore, if your system is older than ten years, it is advisable to consider replacing it seriously. Probably, a system created a decade ago won't be effective against modern security challenges. Pretty often, people can't get security system monitoring services from a security company because their hardware isn't compatible due to the age difference. It is also worth paying attention to what you expect from an alarm monitoring existing system. After all, older systems do not always have the functionality we consider basic today, which also might affect the security of your home.
home alarm system
home alarm system

Can you use existing equipment with SimpliSafe

People often wonder if it is possible to integrate existing devices with a security system like SimpliSafe. Well, there's no straight answer like "yes" or "no". In the vast majority, the SimpliSafe system will not support cooperation with devices from other manufacturers. That is partly explained by the fact that the company has its own technologies, such as doorbells and locks, HD security cameras, security sensors and others. That's why the existing security equipment integration in a new system might be quite complicated.
Another popular question is whether the SimpliSafe system will work with equipment from SmartThings. This company's devices are specially designed for cooperation with ADT Security Solutions. Therefore, the integration of SimpliSafe and SmartThings would be impossible.
However, some devices can still work with the SimpliSafe system. This equipment includes Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri & Watch, August (Smart Locks), and Nest (Thermostat). This way, the owners of these devices can connect them to the SimpliSafe security system.
SimpliSafe system
SimpliSafe system

Do home security systems spy on you

A home security system is one of the best, if not the best, methods to protect our house. However, security does not always mean privacy.
Quite often, users wonder: "Can home security systems spy on them?" Let's explore this question in more detail. The system itself has no use for your private information. Using a monitoring company’s services, you should understand that its employees can easily monitor you. Therefore, privacy is out of the question, especially if you have cameras inside the house. It is also worth paying attention to whether you changed the system passwords after installing the security system. After all, technicians often leave the main administrator passwords after installation, which thieves can often know. In this way, your system becomes quite accessible and might be hacked. Therefore, we recommend that you change the administrative passwords for your security systems after installation.
security monitoring cctv
Everything is a bit easier if you choose to monitor your home without third-party assistance. This way, only you have access to devices and data, which is more attractive from the point of view of privacy. On the other hand, monitoring companies provide round-the-clock control, but with independent management, you can be sure that your devices will not become part of a spy security system.
security monitoring cctv

Which home security system is the best

A security system ensures your home's protection at the highest level, securing it from burglars and providing the opportunity for independent management and constant monitoring. However, which security system is best to choose? In this part, we consider the most popular examples.
  • ADT Home Security. One of the most popular security companies operating in the security market for over 145 years. ADT provides wide functionality of its devices and the possibility of permanent monitoring and sets affordable prices for its services.
  • SimpliSafe. Affordable, but not inferior to other expensive systems in terms of functionality. It is distinguished by ease of installation and the ability to integrate with certain devices.
  • Vivint. The company develops systems designed for easy integration and automation of all security devices. Vivint has been creating and polishing its technology for over 20 years and is the ideal solution for users who want to create a smart home with an integrated security system. Therefore, these systems can cooperate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Adobe. The main advantage of this company is that it provides a wide range of services without having to sign a long-term contract. You may pay for the package per month and use professional monitoring whenever it suits you. For example, you’re leaving for a couple of weeks and there’s no one to watch over your house so that you can go for professional assistance during your absence. In addition, the company offers the Build My House option, which allows you to develop your own security system project with the help of a company representative.
  • Frontpoint. The security system from this company is distinguished by easy installation and round-the-clock monitoring. In order to install the system, you only need to connect the monitoring hub and sensors to the network.
  • Alder. One of the simpler security systems, which is ideal for beginners. This system allows you to create a customized package that will include only the features you need. In addition, the system provides constant home surveillance and medical pendants and buttons for calling medical assistance.
  • Canary. One of the most popular systems for smart homeowners. The security system from this company is easily integrated and automated. Also, in addition to the package of services, the company provides a video surveillance camera.
If you still have questions and need advice in choosing the best home security system, Sure Lock & Key will help you! Our experts have many years of experience in security locksmith services, so call us and get the best security system!

Summing up

Installing a security system for your home is always a good idea if you choose it correctly. After all, this will help automate all security devices and allow you to remotely control and monitor security in your home. Therefore, if you want to install a system like this, Sure Lock & Key is always happy to assist you with this. Our locksmiths have decades of experience working with security systems, so they will help you choose the best system, install and connect it. Just call us and get the qualitative assistance of the experts!

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